When we start talking with our girlfriends about working/office/business attire, more often than not, we hear them sigh about all those clothes that they can’t wear in the office. We don’t know who and why proclaimed office clothing ‘boring’ and ‘uninspiring’, but in our point of view it is definitely not so. Especially over the last decade when this very clothing started changing dramatically, and we mean for the better… and the more colourful, to our luck! And what is more, the working girl of today is becoming an ever more growing source of inspiration for fashion designers.

Today, at the time when holidays are inevitably over, we have decided to talk about the six compulsory elements in the wardrobe of a lady working in an office, or to put it in other words, it is about time for us to get back in the game with a huge dose of fresh inspiration…

A jacket… actually jackets

Do you also imagine a suit of a jacket and trousers when you hear about office styling? Same here! What is more, the jacket is a piece of clothing that makes every woman feel like she can run the world. And she truly can! A classic jacket in black is more than compulsory in the wardrobe of every lady even when she does not work in an office. All ladies who spend five days of the week at their desk, however, can probably confirm how bored they are of black jackets and this is exactly why there are colourful ones and such attractive elements and highlights. Naturally, we are going to say away from advising you to opt for an extremely unusual patterns or animal prints, but the whole palette of pastel colours is at your disposal. Peculiar lapels and buttons, as well as sleeve lengths, too! The important thing is variety even in your capsule wardrobe. After all, nobody imagines you working in one and the same jacket, do they?


Trousers are the most obvious company of the jacket in an office wardrobe. Usually, they are even parts of a suit but this is far from being obligatory. It is actually advisable that not all of your jackets and trousers should be in suits. If they are different, you will end up with far more possibilities to pair them in different combinations. Here every opportunity to get creative is more than welcome! But let’s go back to trousers themselves. Nowadays, in more and more offices dark denim, as long as it has a classic cut, is quite acceptable, so do not eliminate it as an option. Wide-legged trousers, however, remain an all-time classic in this regard, apparently monochrome, especially when it comes to corporate businesses. And when you get bored with them? To your rescue come chino trousers, which also don’t mind walking around in the office. What is more, they love it! As for the colours, we guess you already know it: everything that stays away from bright and neon is acceptable!

THE skirt

Ladies wearing trousers has long stopped being a privilege or a rarely seen phenomenon. Quite the opposite, in fact! They have become much more preferred than skirts. One of the most typical items of women’s wear, however, also deserves its attention, especially if it has a straight cut and midi length, and… we are talking about the office. And not only. Skirts, fortunately, are welcome everywhere, but paired with a (longer) jacket and high-heeled shoes, they are a typical synonym of the working girl. And in spite of the fact that with them the choice of ‘classic’ office colours isn’t as wide as we would hope for either, we still like them a lot! Actually, wait a minute! Who said that skirts must only be in colours typical for an office? Powder, mint, as well as light blue, and even pale yellow are all great colours for a skirt you are going to wear in an office. You don’t trust us? Well, see for yourself by simply trying…

 A classic shirt

We already have a jacket, trousers, a skirt, even several of each kind, but what else is missing? Well, what do you mean ‘What?’ A shirt, of course. A classic shirt is the perfect piece of every wardrobe, be it capsule, office, or whatever. The delicate, elegant and formal layer under the jacket is the final touch that complements the office look in an unparalleled fashion. It is generally accepted that the shirt should be white, but this is far from obligatory. Unless you are following stiff etiquette, you can again play with colours, sleeve lengths, lapel shapes, even buttons. Experiment for this is the secret of success!

A coat

When the topic is office clothing, people usually mean exactly the clothing worn inside the office, but what about the things we wear on top of it while we get there? The jacket, as much as it could be taken as a top layer is a great option for the time from the middle of spring until the beginning of autumn, but what about the rest of the time? In order to entirely complete a stylish look, everything to the very last detail is important, and if it is easy to replace high-heeled shoes with formal boots, then what should we wear on top of the jacket? A coat! The coat is the most popular option for the winter, regardless of your style of clothes and the type of job you do. And, surprise! Here it is absolutely acceptable even if you go for a very bright colour – red, yellow, or green. The winter allows for it, the suit – too! Make use of this!

A trendy bag

After everything mentioned so far, we expect our office look to be complete. Or almost complete! We are left with the bag and shoes. And while shoes can vary tremendously, from low and elegant moccasins and Oxfords, to high heels, to stylish winter boots, with bags, the situation is slightly different. And more interesting! When you are looking for an ‘office’ bag, you need to keep in mind that it should look trendy, but it should also be appropriate for… the office, this is namely where you are going to wear it, after all. Also pay attention to whether it fits everything that you need when you are at work, or, more precisely, when you leave work. Style, colour, designer, shape and size are all a matter of personal preferences, the only important thing is that it suits… you, your style and the environment that you work in.

When you are choosing the new additions to your office wardrobe, make sure, to nobody’s surprise, that they are applicable to your professional environment, but remember to express your personality exactly through what you wear. All this is of vital importance, we know this from personal experience!

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Pinterest

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