We all know the unpleasant feeling from the alarm clock on Monday morning. Yes, it is there the rest of the weekdays, too, but the most piercing sound goes off on the first day of the week. Added to the feeling that the weekend has simply vanished. Remember there were other times when you were waiting for Mondays with anticipation in order to gossip a bit with your classmates at school, or there was a lecture at university which you would eagerly attend… Here is what we could do for our current Mondays so that we make them feel closer to that distant feeling we miss so much.

Start easy

Everyone says that you have to do the difficult tasks first, but on Monday morning start with finding the more interesting and lighter stuff, which you are going to deal with at the beginning of your working day – at least until you switch to work mode. Sharp changes lead not only to more stress, but they also hide the risk of making more mistakes in case you are not fully concentrated.

Make yourself a present of something you have been longing for

Prolong the festive feeling by buying yourself something, just like you might do at the weekend, but right on Monday. Some people work even during their lunch break, but if this is not typically you, then you better arrange a meeting with a friend or go and buy that book (accessory, dress) you have been dreaming about for ages.

Change your daily routine

Mondays are boring only when all other days are the same. Try altering them by taking a different type of approach. Leave answering e-mails for the afternoon and deal with other tasks during the first few hours.

Do not look at the time

If there is no way for you to hide the clock on your computer, simply develop a habit of not looking at it often. It is particularly demotivating when you have the feeling that it is six, while the clock is showing just three in the afternoon. Practically, you only need it in order to go out for your lunch break, but at all other times follow your body clock for work and rest, depending on how you feel.

Make Monday a day “off”

Who could judge you if you have chosen Monday for your cheating day, when you feast on some muffins, for instance? Nobody could do that if the rest of the week you maintain your healthy lifestyle – and this will help you like Mondays more.

Charge your Sunday

Get up early, do something, tidy up, make a list of your duties for the following week. This way you are not going to be lazy the whole day and the transition to the beginning of the working week is going to be smoother. If you lie around all Sunday, Monday morning will seem like a step away from hell. A short walk or a meeting outside could be more than enough.

Become your own Number One

You could reward yourself even after the end of the first working day of the week. Find different classes, talks or beauty procedures, which you would be able to attend at least twice a week. Even a visit to the local bookstore will help you switch from work to relax mode before getting home.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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