It turns out that the health hazards of not moving are equally severe as those of smoking. In the situation where you work in an office, you most probably need to sit down during the whole day – while you are at a meeting, while you are typing on your computer, and even during your lunch break. This is a total of about 6 to 8 hours lack of movement. According to recent research, prolonged periods of time without any physical activity increase the risk of developing cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer, as well as gaining too much weight.

Nothing has been lost, however, and you can fight against the negative effects of being seated throughout the whole day, which might have serious results on your health, as long as you consciously sit up and move at any given opportunity. Here are seven easy ways for you how to add more activity, or even action if you will, to your daily routine.

1. Plan a Short Workout at Noon

Develop the habit and need to work out, by allowing at least 20 minutes for physical exercise during your lunch break. There is either a gym or a sports centre in close proximity to most office buildings, so you could make some good use out of one. In case you have no sports facilities around your office, then you may well take a good walk.

2. Do Not Search for the Closest Parking Space

You have already been sitting enough at your computer, so you’d better park somewhere far enough from the office in order to take a nice walk. This is going to introduce more physical activity into both the beginning and the end of your working day.

3. Do Not Use the Lift

Do yourself a favour by using the staircase and not the lift whenever you get such an opportunity. When you add climbing stairs to your daily workout, not only do you reach the higher levels of activity which your body needs, but you are also going to improve your cardio-vascular health and you are going to strengthen the back muscles of your legs. In case your office is high up quite many floors, then take the lift for the first five of them, and walk up the rest on foot.

4. Arrange Your Meetings Outside

Instead of sitting down at meetings for hours on end, suggest organising the next staff meeting somewhere in the open. Such a practice is going to present you with the opportunity to be productive and have some fresh air at the same time.

5. Drink Loads of Water

This has a double effect. We all know how important water is for maintaining the good health of our body, and this is why the more water we drink, the more vital we are going to feel.

6. Stretch Every Hour

Put a timer on your desk which will signal for you to get up and stretch every hour. It is going to take you no more than a minute or two, in order to stretch and move around your neck, shoulders, back and legs. Get up and stretch your arms over your head, then stretch forward and afterwards touch your toes. Repeat.

7. Take a Walk

Instead of sitting down and talking on your phone for such long periods of time, get up and walk around the office. Go to your colleague’s desk rather than sending them an email or a Skype message!

All in all, we do not need much, in order to remain healthy at the workplace. If you add these simple steps to your working routine, you are going to lower the risk of developing diseases, connected to sedentary way of life. Except for this, they are also going to help you lose weight and improve the quality of your lifestyle.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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