Against the belief that men are born to be leaders and are able to rule over the world better than women, the opposite sex has rapidly soared to the top of the highest corporate positions because they never cease to prove their abilities. Ladies are by no way inferior to their male counterparts even in the way they look. Their appearance needs to continue exuding femininity and beauty regardless of the circumstances. Here are the rules about an impeccable look at any time of the day, which will make you look unreachable and… glorious:

Highlight what you have! We live at the age of artificial amplifications – fake eyelashes, extensions, lip augmentation, permanent make-up and what not. Count on your natural beauty and highlight what you have. If your hair is not thick enough, just cut it and enjoy your new look. Never forget – you are beautiful regardless of the opinion of others around you!

Secret weapons in hair care. Avoid cosmetic products which contain different chemicals and artificial additives. The best solution lies in natural oils and plant extracts. Swap your styling spray with olive, argan or coconut oil.

Do not opt for the artificial look. Immediately stop exposing yourself to tanning lamps! They have a detrimental effect on your skin and lead to irreversible consequences. Constant hair straightening will also result negatively on your appearance as it weakens your hair, making it thin, vulnerable and dehydrated.

Take care of your skin regularly. Exfoliate twice or three times a week in order to remove dead cells and cleanse all impurities form spots to black heads. Massage your face to stimulate blood circulation and choose exceptionally fresh food, which will help you achieve the healthy look of your skin you are dreaming of from within.

Find the make-up style which suits you best. Experiment with different looks you know and when you find the style you like best, change details in it according to your daily outfit.

Successfully dressed girls. The way you are dressed speaks a lot about your personality and individual choice. Be particular about the dress code and count on safe colours such as white, dark blue and black. But never be afraid to express yourself with the help of colour.

Being vulgar is unacceptable! Do not wear short skirts and count more on accessories which delicately cover those areas of your body which are more exposed. Avoid heavy make-up and extravagant hair styles because they are not well-accepted in a working environment.

Text: Zvezdalina Georgieva

Photos: Press

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