True success lies in balance. This is the key to maintaining a good level at your job, without occupying all your free time. It is great for you to do your best with professional tasks, but it is equally important to have a life apart from them. Here are five tips which successful women follow in order to live life to the fullest outside their workplace, too.

Leave the office on time

Many of the women who occupy key positions often struggle with their feeling of guilt when they have to leave the office exactly at sex in spite of all the other incomplete tasks. You have probably had the same unpleasant feeling, as well, when you are leaving the office and your colleagues, who continue working. But the time, spent with your family, is equally important. This is why you should not make any compromises with it. An example in this case is Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, who follows this rule and comes back home on time for the family dinner. And afterwards, she might finish up some of her professional tasks. All the promises that she has made in front of herself in order to have a good work—family balance she describes in her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Clear the space in your head

Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and even Talita Ferreira (former chief financial director of BMW UK) count on meditation every morning and every evening. According to Jennifer Aniston’s words, starting and finishing the day this way is exceptionally impactful. All successful women have a busy way of life and meditation could help you a lot to calm down and give your brain the opportunity to organise everything.

Stop talking about work

Successful women realise the importance of social interaction and exclude the topics about work from it. Regardless of the fact whether we are talking about Sheryl Sandberg, who devotes time to her family, or about Arianna Huffington, who has banned all types of screens in her bedroom. Going out might not be happening every day, but your daily dose of communication could be taken over the phone or through texting.


Every successful woman dedicates time to refreshing and recharging. And yes, this needs to happen every day. Work on yourself and, to your own personal advantage. Allowing for your personal time to yourself, when you unwind and relax, is going to make you feel better. This way, you will give yourself the opportunity to think the day over and set your objectives for the next one. Gwyneth Paltrow takes a bath with Epsom salt every evening. A relaxing bath in combination with a face mask – you deserve it! Especially after a hard day.

Sleep is important

The most important element of success is the good night’s sleep. This is what Arianna Huffington believes in and we are going to support her. The time for fully valuable rest restores your mental and physical strength. The good night’s sleep is indispensable and is going to provide you with the concentration that you need for the entire next day. It is going to chase away the stress and increase your creative abilities, of course.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova
Photos: Press

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