How do you choose the next destination that you would like to visit? Recommended by friends? Inspired by pictures on Instagram? Perhaps a film? Or why not a book… It is namely about the inspiration that comes from a piece of text enclosed between two covers that we want to tell you about today. We have selected several (favourite) books which we deeply hope will manage to arouse your traveller’s curiosity and be the reason for your next journey.


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Tuscany, Italy

We seriously doubt that you have not yet read or at least heard of Under the Tuscan Sun. It is that very book which made the world rediscover the magic of magnificent Tuscany and ignited everybody’s desire to see what inspired Frances Mayes. As far as the author is concerned, she tells a gripping, emotional story of everything that one sees in Italy – the local customs, the delicious food (very delicious!), the full-bodied fragrant coffee, drunk literally in one sip, the way Italians communicate (yes, with all the gesturing), the driving, where no rules exist and which gives one goosebumps unless they are local… Actually, she tells us about everything in such vivid detail that the reader feels as if they really are under the Tuscan sun, somewhere in between the vineyards. Will you fall in love with Tuscany? Absolutely! And while reading, will you want to be there immediately? Doubtlessly! We know the feeling!

And we have some good news about everybody who loves Under the Tuscan Sun – Frances Mayes’ book is actually part of a series. After Under the Tuscan Sun, there are also Bella Tuscany and Every Day in Tuscany and with them the desire to travel grows bigger and bigger. Tuscany, here we come!


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Venice, Italy

A thousand days in Venice, this is the exact time we would like to spend in the city of gondolas. And having in mind that such an opportunity is very unlikely to come upon us, then the book A Thousand Days in Venice is a wonderful way for us to at least imagine we are in Italy surrounded by delicious smells and aromas. Oh, yes, and surrounded by love… for a man and for a city! Especially for a city, because the novel teaches us exactly the art of loving Venice. And yes, we know that Venice in itself is a cliché. A big one, especially when it comes to honeymoons, but it nevertheless remains magic. A Thousand Days in Veniceis written in such a way that it pampers the senses the senses with appetising fragrances and stunning views that come to life between the pages.

It will probably be difficult for you, too, to make it for a thousand days, but at least for a week or even for a weekend, it is worth finding the time and visiting this jewel. Venice deserves it!


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Rome, Italy

It is a well-known fact that coffee in Italy is a micro-universe of its own, and every cup – a different story. Different types of coffee beans result in different types of final drink, just like it is with people. And owing to the fact that all roads lead to the café, or at least the pass by there, it is more than likely for everyone to find their own type of coffee. Literally and metaphorically! As you may already guess, with our next book, we are drinking coffee and not anywhere else but in the Eternal City, because in Rome sometimes all it takes to fall in love… is an espresso! The First Coffee in the Morning is a novel based on emotion. The book, as the name itself suggests, offers one of the most intoxicating aromas in the world – that of coffee. In The First Coffee in the Morning the author walks his readers along the streets of Rome, introducing them to the regular customers of a small café. And somewhere, among the aromas of spices and freshly ground Arabica beans there unfolds a thrilling love story, every page of which will make you tell yourself, ‘I’m going to Rome… for a coffee!’


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Provence, France

Is it only Italy that provides inspiration for writers (and reading dreamers) – not exactly, but quite so! After all, we are going to suggest that you travel to another European country located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. France! And more precisely, to one of its most aromatic regions – Provence. How would you feel about spending one year in Provence? To us, it seems like a magical adventure that we add to our dream list. Provence exudes the smell of lavender and olives, rabbit stew with onions, lamb with herbs and goat’s cheese. And how do we know this? We know this from the book A Year in Provence, where Peter Mayle describes with playful humour the lovely French province and makes us virtually live in its rhythm. On the one hand, A Year in Provence could be called autobiographical, but on the other, it is also a kind of a guide book to the South of France. Or, when we actually think about it, there is no need for us to categorise it and put it in frames, the more important thing is that it evokes that instant desire in us to pack our bags and book the first possible flight in order to experience the magic of Provence!


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Paris, France

When we start talking about France, sooner or later it is impossible for us not to mention Paris. And we are doing it, Paris is always a good idea! This is exactly what we learn from Nicolas Barreau’s novel Paris is Always a Good Idea. This book, just like many more that somehow talk about the City of Lights, is about love. And about books! Yes, a book about books! The story takes the readers to a charming bookshop and its talented owner. We also encounter an American professor in literature, a children’s drawing book and… love. Oh well, and a city, of course – Paris, which cannot wait for you to be inspired by this book to go and visit!


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And do you have any favourite destinations inspired by books? Maybe India, as it is in Eat, Pray, Love, or perhaps Barcelona because of Desire for Chocolate, or is it after all Paris, Sicily, Tuscany and Provence about all of which so much has been written and told… Tell us! About the place and about the book, we are always glad to learn about a book and make plans for a new journey!

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Instagram

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