If to you a journey means choosing on your own how to experience it, visiting the places you yourself have marked, often away from traditional tourist attractions, then these five apps might as well turn out to be treasuries when it comes to delicious meals, flight information and hotel accommodation. Here is what we have in mind.


The perfect way to show that there are no language barriers in the age of digital technology. The app has collected thousands of popular phrases in 18 languages, starting with English, Russian, Chinese, and Indonesian. Searching by key words, an option to hear the phrase you have chosen and no Internet required – what more does a person who is looking for communication in another country need?

Where Chefs Eat

There are very, very slim chances that somebody knows more about food places than professional chefs. Where Chefs Eat is an app which shows you the best restaurants, rated and recommended by chefs themselves. The database includes about 3000 places all over the world. Amongst the chefs, whose advice you could follow, are René Redzepi, David Chang, Jason Atherton and many others. In case you find yourself being in an unfamiliar city and looking for culinary adventures, this is precisely what Where Chefs Eat could offer you.

App in the Air

The perfect app for people who want to forget about their problems with air traffic. This is a comprehensive mobile manual on travelling by plane. In it you are going to find all flight details – what time check-in opens and closes, when boarding starts and the scheduled time for take-off. Notifications warn you about the beginning of each stage, so missing a flight becomes virtually impossible.


Where should you leave your pet during your holiday? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which dogs’, cats’ and other fabulous little creatures’ owners face before leaving their homes. The aim of the app is to show you all possible hotels which welcome guests with their pets without any additional fees or surcharges. Reservations could be made directly through BringFido. There will be no difficulties with the walks either, because the database lists all bigger parks where dogs could play.

Google Trips

A quite brand new app, which the internet giant launched this autumn. Google Trips scans all the information from your mailbox on Gmail and takes all the information, connected to travelling – hotel bookings, air travel, and more, and more… Afterwards, it automatically groups the data in separate sections, which saves you time as you don’t need to open your email again in order to look for the flight number and the address of the hotel. There is a very well structured and useful system for recommendations on Trips: depending on the time you are going to spend in the city and your location, it will suggest what places you should visit and it will create a tentative itinerary. You could organise this by interests – exploring the Gothic architecture of Prague, for instance, or having some retail therapy and going shopping in Milan’s biggest shopping centres.

And these are just five of the opportunities to make your next journey entirely suit your needs, be it by meeting people or visiting places you have never even dreamed of. Farewell, and have a safe trip!

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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