When we travel, we are as alert as possible. We are exceptionally thrilled to find precious new locations. Let’s spill the beans and share some of them with you:

Nonostante Marras

Designer Antonio Marras creates an unusual art space in the suburbs of Milano. Away from noise and vanity. Where buildings are so deceptively similar, that we start feeling a little bit lost. But just a step later, we are already in front of the door of Nonostante Marras. A hybrid between a concept store and a venue where art meets its audiences.

We dive into the enchanting chaos of colours, fragrances, reminiscences and sentiments. There are dresses, dancing from the ceiling, while drawers full of books beckon us to reach out and discover some treasure. Our eyes first meet the rugs from Sardinia, the fabrics, the buttons, and the glass bottles, transformed into vases. Then, we encounter a chair, inherited from an old pub, photographs, mirrors and mannequins, which all easily draw our attention.

When we are done with our choice of what we want to take home with us to keep as a memory, we head for the patio with the olive tree and vintage furniture. We are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and we are ready to smile and indulge in the moment. Dolce vita for dummies and advanced levels.

Freaks Books

It is not listed in tourist guides. You are not going to find it on TripAdvisor, but we love sharing with you curious locations, scattered across the globe. Just a few minutes away from the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, there hides the craziest bookstore we have ever come across – Freaks Books.

Books from floor to ceiling, hundreds of titles for geeks and freaks who love collectible toys, typography, illustrations, extraordinary branding and whatever else comes to your mind. Taking photos in Freaks Books is a taboo, but we managed to get our hand on some which would allow you to take a peek inside.

And if you are planning a few sunny days in Barcelona, don’t miss the opportunity to pass by. You are going to open the pages of editions which you might not find anywhere else in the world. The feeling is worth it.


Our next stop is not recommended for the fainthearted fashion connoisseurs. This temptation might cause serious damage to your credit card. At least our luggage considerably expanded in volume and weight on the way home.

One of the founders of MENDO describes the place like this: “The coolest bookstore for visual beauty and inspiration.” We would add that the confidence you get in these words is completely deserved. The selection of books encompasses topics like fashion, photography, graphic design, food, travel and more, and more.

Only the choicest titles make it to the window display. If something special is being issued throughout the year, it quickly ends up on the shelves of MENDO. A true treasury in the heart of Amsterdam. The online store is only an additional bonus.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Press

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