If you are doing your detox or you have gone on a diet, you’d better close this page, because this text contains several thousand calories pure happiness in the form of monstrously delicious food. We stopped by in Madrid for a few days. We were bathing in the sunrays, wandering the colourful streets and we recharged our muse batteries at some of the best art galleries in the city. But the culmination was the food. And when we say food, we want to write it in big, fat, bold letters, and if we could, we would add fireworks. Our senses were revelling, and so were we. We visited a few places which are well worth telling you about. And let us not waste any more time. And let the appetite be with you!

Los Porfiados

If you are in the area of Reina Sofía, just a few blocks away from the museum there is this little Argentinian island of fantastic tastes. We begin accordingly with the starters. We do not pass the Caprese, because here they have their own rendition with rocket and caramelised onions. The Ses Salines salad also wins the plaudits with a mix of salads, caramelised figs, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and warm goat’s cheese. We give way to the Sheriff burger with a beef patty, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket, provolone cheese and rustic potatoes. We are also tempted by the Milanesa Napolitana, baked with mozzarella and tomato sauce, and which arrives in the company of a fresh salad and more potatoes. We mix up the desserts of the day and we gather on the table servings of custard with whipped cream and strawberries, lemon meringue tart and chocolate cake with caramel bits.

We include pictures of some more of the deliciousness that you can find in Los Porfiados.

Marina Ventura

Dinner takes us to Restaurante Marina Ventura, because many people swear that there they prepare the best paella in the city. It is time for a test with a glass of rosé. We order the paella, which is brimming with seafood and mainly with crab meat. It arrives sizzling hot, as amazing-looking as it is delicious. The only minor disadvantage is the presence of a slightly larger amount of salt than we are normally used to.

La Tita Rivera

The next day it is time for shopping in the colourful neighbourhood of Chueca, where we find our next spot for culinary hedonism. La Tita Rivera is the perfect stop for nice beer (they have a separate beer list with all the beers they offer), fresh salads, nachos with guacamole and the very best burgers we have come across in a very long time. The pesceterian one with salmon fillet deservedly wins the number-one place.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Press

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