The weekend is left behind us and with it gone are the adventures which we experienced in the capital of Portugal. A city of abundance and splendour, which please the eye. We were mesmerised by buildings in raspberry red, streets, decorated with garlands, and views which are worth the pain in the legs. A city of seven hills and seven hundred sighs.

In the past year, bloggers and travellers from all over the world have been competing in describing its treasures and closely-guarded secrets. We have decided to offer you the recipe for seeing the most of it in the most fulfilling way, regardless of the fact whether you are there for the weekend or for an entire week. And we are secretly keeping our fingers crossed for you to make it for a week.

Tuk-Tuk Fun Tours

Choose a crazy 100-percent-electric Piaggio and be ready for a 100-percent-fun encounter with Lisbon. In the company of a well-prepared and genuinely polite guide. There are no impossible hills or too narrow streets for those beetles on wheels. You are going to be safe. A journey awaits, and you are going to remember it vividly with a smile on your face and a sweet feeling in your heart.

Tram 28

Here, we apply the rule – you haven’t been to Rome if you haven’t seen the Pope. If you haven’t taken a ride on the famous Tram 28, there are no magnets, T-shirts or bookmarks with its image on them which could compensate for the missed opportunity. The ticket is priced at €3 and it is worth absolutely every last cent. The old electric streetcars will take you through time, and the heart of the city, for that matter, just so they could reveal in front of you the most picturesque streets and districts, where you would crave to get lost at least once.


The cherry on top! Hippotrip invites you to a ride with an amphibian bus, which transforms into a boat and gives you the amazing opportunity to get to know the city on land and at sea. Its guides are generous with myths and legends about the city and they are going to give you full access to a completely different point of view on Lisbon’s lovely secluded places.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Press

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