At Bulgari, they know how to create invaluable collections, no matter whether we are talking about luxury jewellery or resorts. The latest addition to the global chain of first-class holiday locations by the international brand is situated in Dubai. Good Lord, what a surprise! Actually, this is an exceptionally visionary decision of the company to make, because there is no other place in the world with the energy, the atmosphere and the constant development of the multicultural megalopolis.

The Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai was constructed on its own artificial island and such artificial islands are built in Dubai almost on a daily basis. Jumeira Bay, as it is called, is built in the shape of a sea horse and is connected to the mainland coastline of the city through a 300-metre bridge.

The project for the luxury resort is created by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel – the renowned Italian architectural studio which created the concepts for all the resorts of the brand.

Fascinating with an intense Mediterranean spirit, the complex promises magnificence and a truly memorable experience throughout the whole stay. Why are we so sure? This is represented by the plenty of opportunities for you to feel special, coupled with the first-class service and the indescribably beautiful seascapes that all of the luxuriously furnished apartments and villas offer. And at Bulgari, they are not joking – the resort provides almost 200 interior spaces where the honourable guests could stay.

But this is only the beginning of all the pleasures that the brand offers – in Dubai Bulgari creates its first ever marina and yacht club. This means another 101 rooms and apartments as well as 20 villas with pools which simply beckon really special guests to visit them.

The Bulgari Resort in Dubai is probably the most grandiose creation of the brand up to the present day. But we expect that it won’t be for long. Regardless of the fact that it is at the other end of the world, the Italian spirit is not merely felt, you get submerged in it. In the gourmet restaurant, which is run by an Italian chef, in the bar, which is open through the entire day, or in the café, which has an astonishing interior with a typical Italian feel to it.

A private beach and an outdoor swimming pool with a mosaic that is unique of its kind are great additions to the image of the Bulgari Resort in Dubai.

And, if it’s still not stunning, it is about to get breathtaking. This does not surprise us because this is what a genuine Bulgari looks like, no matter whether it is a piece of jewellery from their collection or a resort from their chain. An entire 1,700 m2 of SPA area which boasts a Turkish bath, an indoor pool, a gym and a beauty salon offering traditional men’s and women’s hairstyles.

At the resort, they have also thought about satisfying all possible sorts of whims, but we can smell the chocolate from afar. Il Cioccolato by Bulgari offers boutique chocolate seductions, also known as “chocolate gems”. In Dubai, its location is even more attractive – right next to the café and the terrace on the deck leading to the promenade. To put it briefly… a true paradise.

Bulgari already have their resorts in Milan, London, Bali and Beijing, as well as restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka. Dubai is the new Asian gem of the brand, and by the end of the year we are expecting the opening of a similar one in Shanghai. And after the long eastern invasion, in 2020 Bulgari are about to step back on the Old Continent. Moscow and Paris are the following destinations where the international brand is preparing its strong presence.

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