Cuba will look you in the eyes, fill them with its unimaginable beauty and make your head spin. It is so far and yet so easily steals our dreams away – we want to go and dive into its colourful fairy tale. We are ready to immediately pack our luggage for two weeks and rush to the first possible flight. And if you are still asking why, here are 7 convincing reasons:

Dancing like nowhere else

Music is a religion in the streets of Cuba and as important for the locals as bread and love are. Without it there is no life. Experience how the notes flow into your bloodstream and your feet take you to the dancefloor. Drink a Mojito in its proper temple – La Bodeguita del Medio bar-restaurant in Havana, where the legendary cocktail is believed to have been created and where they have been serving it since the very opening of the bar in 1942. Just dance in front of its doors. And think of your own steps in the rhythm of the music in case salsa is not your greatest strength.

Cuban coffee and street food

Cafeterias alone are going to seduce you with the aromas wafting from inside. And the taste of the coffee will stay forever imprinted on your heart. Give street food a chance, too – savoury and sweet temptations lurk from every corner.

Rum and cigars

The glory of Cuban rum and cigars has spread all over the world for a reason. It is virtually a crime not to try them when visiting. A must-go-through experience and a culture shock that is a pleasure to face. In this situation, try to avoid street vendors because you might end up with low-quality or fake products. Trust the state stores.

Staying with locals

In fact, international hotel chains and giants are almost absent here and one of the most popular options is staying at the homes of locals, which is accepted as a perfectly normal and common practice. Many of the welcoming hosts offer a good bed and breakfast. And here is how, apart from getting closer to their daily life, you also have countless occasions to get to know them better and communicate with them in a more relaxed way.

Phenomenal photos for car geeks

American cars from the 50s and soviet machines from the 70s and the 80s are nothing exotic here. The import of new cars in Cuba is exceptionally difficult. That’s why in the streets here you will see some incredibly well-maintained and good-looking examples from a few decades ago. In unimaginable colours. And they are simply beckoning at you to take a photo. Just like a postcard!


The whole town of Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Magically coloured, it is a genuine type of chromotherapy to walk around the small streets and indulge in their atmosphere. A small pearl which has kept in time its unique image from the past when sugar trade was the main industry in the region. The architecture is stunning, the central square and the pastel buildings around seem to take us by a time-travelling machine to an unspoiled paradise. The beach is also as if painted by an artist and offers fantastic opportunities for scuba-diving and snorkelling adventures.

Detox from advertisements

The only thing that you might come across here and there is an occasional government billboard. But nothing else is going to distract you from the surrounding idyll. Wouldn’t it be great to take a rest from these painfully well-known, gaudy and dreadfully meaningless billboards, posters and buildings whose entire façade is branded? All this excessive gaudiness is absent from Cuba. We are so ready for ad detox.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Unsplash.com, pixabay.com

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