The time is never enough in the morning and work often eats up the scarce amount of free time we have at lunch. We rush from meeting to meeting, we talk on the phone all the time and too frequently we open the drawer of the desk, which is full of provisions like chocolate and cookies… Yes, the list with tasks is endless, but balanced nutrition is not to be underestimated. Try these five health-boosting (and easy to prepare) ideas for lunch, which are a delicious alternative to the burger with chips and the shawarma.

Avocado Cucumber Sandwich

Cut in half a ripe avocado, remove the seed, peel and slice it. Slice a cucumber. Arrange the vegetables evenly between two slices of whole wheat bread, which you have previously spread cream cheese on. Add mixed sprouts and some fresh salad leaves, and season with salt and pepper. The avocado is rich in vitamin A, beta-Carotene and biotin, fibre and healthy fatty acids. This healthy combination is going to fill you up, cleanse up your blood vessels and take good care of your beautiful skin.

Light Snack with Whole Wheat Bread

If you want to be full of energy for a long time, forget about white bread. It raises the blood sugar levels only for a short time, after which it quickly lowers them and once again hunger is knocking at your doorstep. A healthier alternative that makes you feel full for longer is whole wheat bread. Add to it some cherry tomatoes and some fat-free cheese and there you have a delicious idea for your lunch!

Hummus Mini Wraps

You could opt for a healthy alternative to the shawarma in the face of hummus. In case you find its preparation too much of a long and complex process, then you might just use the ready product (from the supermarket, or local health food restaurant). Spread the hummus evenly onto some flat pita bread, add fresh salad greens and some carrots, and then wrap in tight little rolls. Hummus is rich in fibre, proteins, iron, zinc and magnesium, and keeps you full for quite a while.

Baked Potatoes with Ricotta

Forget about fries with ketchup and mayonnaise! Instead, you could prepare at home these oven-baked potatoes with ricotta cheese. The animal protein in the ricotta and the plant protein in the potatoes are a powerful energy-boosting combination which is going to keep your hunger satisfied for a very long time without creating a feeling of heaviness in your stomach, while being significantly low in fat. Bake the potatoes, wrapped in aluminium foil to keep all the nutrients in them.

Turkey Breast Salad

The perfect lunch that never leaves a feeling of heaviness in the stomach is this salad with strips of turkey breast. Combine the meat with your favourite vegetables. This salad is rich in proteins and vitamins and you could easily prepare it at home and bring it with you to your work place. Pay attention to the following: pour the dressing (the best option is to use some olive or rapeseed oil in it) just before you sit down to have your salad.

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