As we have already told you, actress Diane Keaton received the prestigious AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. The actresses who were present at the ceremony (from Oscar winners Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep to Lisa Kudrow) all shared that Keaton has always been their role model. Five existential lessons due to which her personality always expresses strength and happiness…

1. Do not get married

Diane Keaton starts her Hollywood career with a bridal scene – in The Godfather, at the end of which she and her colleague Al Pacino get pretty drunk. The actress has had incredible romances with some of the most talented and charismatic men of Hollywood – Al Pacino, Woody Allen and Warren Beatty. In spite of this, she has never been married. And she doesn’t regret it.

In her whole life she has always been doing what she wants, including raising two wonderful children on her own

2. Always be yourself

There is no one else like Diane Keaton. She is inimitable – from her melodic voice to her emblematic fashion style. It is rich in suits, hats and neckties. And also in wide leather trousers.

“She dresses so as to hide her sexuality”, shares Woody Allen about her. “And she has done a great job, because throughout the years she has never cheated on herself. A beautiful girl who hasn’t put herself through plastic surgery or any other similar interventions. She is uncompromising in this regard.”

3. Get a personal assistant

This is what Diane advises her fellow actress Rachel McAdams on the film set of The Family Stone. The young actress listened to her advice, together with the rest of what she heard from her – not to be too pretentious with men and to always wear her most gorgeous underwear.

4. Do a lot of different things

Actor Warren Beatty describes Diane as “brilliant, beautiful, passionate, authentic, diplomatic, dramatic, sincere, generous, spontaneous, ethical, independent, a feminist, an actress, a director, a writer, a producer, a singer, a photographer, a designer and a mother of two children”. Just look at all these superlatives, right? They are not accidental. After having directed a music video for Belinda Carlisle, she takes up the documentary Heaven, as well as episodes from different television productions. Keaton is the author of an autobiographical book, as well as books about photography, clown drawings and design.

5. Sing!

Regardless of the fact whether you are under the shower, at a karaoke party, or on stage. Singing relieves the stress and provides the necessary lightness of spirit. Woody Allen encouraged Diane Keaton, who participated in the original Hair show on Broadway, to sing in the film Annie Hall. The actress also gives an amazing performance in The First Wives Club.

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