Far away, hidden in distant mountains and deep forests, or at a picturesque spot in the middle of the countryside, the weddings of 2017 promise a lot of fantasy and magic. No, we are not talking about trends in wedding dresses, hairstyles and makeup. We are leaving these for another discussion. Our highlights this time are the tiny little details that create the huge effect of one of the most joyful events in the life of every family.

The wedding season is open, and the inspiration ideas about the perfect wedding are anything but short in number. Here are the ten most coveted wedding trends for 2017.

1. Casual Wedding Cakes

Last season we were enjoying the trend of cakes with minimalistic decoration. This year we see the casual ones coming. Or to put it in other words, wedding cakes that look as if they have been made by amateurs – topped with chocolate and/or frosting that is overflowing sloppily over the edges of the layers, with artistically chaotic decoration scattered and splashed all over it. But do not be fooled by the confusing outer appearance. A lot of aesthetic understanding and considerable artistic pastry skills are needed to fashion such a cake.

2. Raspberry Lips

Lips made just for kissing! In the wedding makeup this season the emphasis is predominantly on lips coloured in bright and fresh raspberry shades!

3. Green. Loads of Green!

Zesty spring green is the colour of 2017. And the wedding decoration, based on tender green and white always creates a subtle impression with its innocence and freshness. So, let it be greenery!

4. Forest Setting

You are still not ready with the wedding date? What about this autumn? Autumn weddings are going to be an absolute hit. The beauty of nature, the magic of sounds, the crisp aromas of trees and shrubs will introduce additional romance into this so special moment in your life.

5. Roses and Highlights in Pink

The joy of pink and roses from our childhood years is going to live a whole new life in the wedding decoration of 2017. It is a good idea not to have it look too gaudy in terms of details, while using the roses mostly as highlights.

6. Wedding Tattoos

A vow that literally pulsates under your skin, one that you are going to keep for life: tattoos are the new wedding rings. In the form of an image, a word, or just the date of the memorable event – the choice is entirely yours.

7. Taco Bar

After the five-course menu and the wedding tables, laden with treats and pastries, there is a new trend rising: the taco bar, overflowing with sides from which every guest of the wedding celebration could create their own menu.

8. Honey Moon in New Zealand

Forget about Paris, the canals in Venice and the beaches on the Maldives and the Bahamas! This year turn to the place that promises adventure: New Zealand, with its wild nature and awe-inspiring landscapes, is one of the top destinations for a honey moon in 2017.

9. Weddings in an Intimate Circle

Huge lavish weddings with hundreds of guests have long gone out of fashion. More and more couples express their desire to share this happy day of their life in a narrow circle of family and friends. Inspiration for the decoration of the event comes from the forest and the fairy tale.

10. Brides like Nymphs

Amid all this greenery, forest secrets and magic, we are definitely not going to surprise you with the fact that even the dresses and hairstyles for the brides remind us of forest nymphs. Lightness, airiness and the serenity of white and green.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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