The summer is that fairy-tale of hope, the season where freedom feels at home. We like it when our souls feel free, we like it when the sun sends us kisses and when it embraces our bodies in a beautiful suntan. Our steps keep leading us to the sand, the waves and to the blue horizon. We feel like wandering around, like looking for adventures, like finding love. The summer is a celebration of its own. The reason and the occasion for, the meaning of happiness.

You know – every summer has its own story. Think of the best one and make it happen. From us, you get 20 ideas how to make your summer days unforgettable. Create your own memories that will keep you warm for a long while. And grin from ear to ear, because June is reaching out to embrace July. And everything gets a bit more magical.

1. Learn how to surf – kitesurfing, windsurfing – whatever you feel like. Get over your fear and learn the ropes of this new skill. Being part of the element of water, becoming one with the rhythm of the waves and discovering the balance not only on the board, but also within yourself.

2. Wander around unknown villages and towns in Bulgaria, which you have never had the thought of visiting. The beach is idyllic, but the mountains also hide treasures unthought-of. Open the map and let your curiosity lead you. Perhaps it’s time for you to take a walk through the Strandzha Mountains?

3. Go to an Italian cuisine course… in Italy. Allow yourself to get to know a country not by its landmarks and its riches, but by the flavours of its herbs and spices and by the paths of its recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Learn the stories of the locals and live yours together with them.

4. Adopt a pet. And learn how unconditional love could look you in the eyes showing that you exactly are the whole world about it.

5. Volunteer! There are websites like TimeHeroes.org, where you could choose between tens of causes. Find yours, do people good and feed your soul to the feeling of fulfilment.

6. Go camping – sleep in a tent, spend at least one night in a hammock under the stars. Wake up by the songs of the birds and forget about your alarm clock.

7. Greet at least one sunrise on the beach. In order to see how the night nobly gives way to the day. And everything starts anew. Capture the moment and never forget it!

8. Dig out your old analogue camera and shoot up one, two, three, or as many films as your soul desires. Even we are curious to see what you have captured.

9. Read books in genres which you would otherwise rarely reach for. Get to know more names from contemporary Bulgarian poetry. Or open a tome dedicated to self-knowledge, history, culture and arts. Leaf through your new challenge and do not forget to have fun.

10. Ride on the Rhodope narrow-gauge railway and restrain yourself from looking at the screen of your phone as you are in danger of missing out spectacular panorama views!

11. Go to the traditional fair in the region of the village of Yundola.

12. Climb up to some mountain refuge and spend the night alone with the mountains.

13. Choose a forest trail and let it be at least as picturesque as the Vazov Trail. See Bulgaria from another perspective. And love it even harder.

14. Go to a bar which you have never visited before… in your own city or town.

15. Prepare some home-made ice-cream for yourself!

16. Arrange your home the way you have always wanted to.

17. Organise a true picnic for you and your friends – with a basket, with a blanket, colourful cups and plates, and a lot of good mood.

18. Grow your own herbs for your favourite recipes… or cocktails.

19. Watch all the seasons of that series which has been waiting for you downloaded on your computer for such a long time.

20. Turn over YouTube and Spotify and put together the most exciting soundtrack for the summer that is only waiting for you to fall in love with it.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Unsplash

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