If the interior of 2017 evoked the feeling of comfort then in 2018 things are going to get rather darker, warmer, cosier, more inviting and excluding white. The colours are getting softer and the natural ones are taking the front positions. More than ever, we are going to choose the peacefulness of the deeper and warmer feeling that earth tones provide. 2018 is going to get us even closer to nature as a continuation of the idea of the green colour of 2017. But not just this. We are now going to tell you about the other favourites in interior design.


The predominance of metal surfaces continues. Copper has become a preferred interior material for the last five years, and in 2018 it gives way to brass. Experts are also foreseeing the return of white metals, which is namely going to start next year.

Millennium pink

Despite the fact that the craze about pink is not getting any less intense, specialists have a feeling about it stepping aside from the leading positions in interior details. That’s why they recommend choosing accessories or surfaces in pink which you would easily change later on.

Earthy luxury

The more our lives are connected to technology, the more this increases our desire to regain our closeness to nature and to lead a simpler way of life. The recreation of this desire into the cosiness of the home is becoming one of the main trends in interior design for 2018. Natural materials and traditional craftsmanship are going to continue to gather pace. A new type of earthy luxury is going to come forth, which is going to focus on the feeling of wellbeing and it will affect everything – from the selection of construction materials to the interior accessories.


One of the more interesting trends which are advancing next year. These are the objects connected to the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. These products are becoming ever more attractive and intriguing as they reveal new layers of colours and textures, cracks, weather impact and oxidation.

Dark wood

Earthy tones and darker woody shades are coming back. Rosewood, walnut tree, the smoky woody effects of mango and cedar are all invading interior spaces. This is a remarkable change compared to the lighter lumber and the Scandinavian style that were enjoying widespread popularity for the past few years.


Huge lanterns, candles or flowers. By introducing warm, welcoming ambience, these elements correspond perfectly to the idea about the interior design in 2018, whose main focal point is cosiness. Even though they are particularly suitable for wintertime, they could bring about joy all year round.

Dark interiors

Deep emerald green, black and bright red are widely used colours for creating a cosy atmosphere. We are witnessing more and more darker, deeper and gloomier shades entering interior spaces and taking up the position of the lighter, more vital nuances. The feeling with the sparkling, almost white colours as opposed to the darker ones is completely different. The darker shades let the eye rest and invite to a longer stay. It is quite alright for you to relax in a more intimate surrounding after a whole day at the bright office.


Velvet does not have the single intention of sinking into oblivion, and so it appears in all possible interior details. Wrap the cold season in velvet and you are definitely going to feel the difference.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova
Photos: Pinterest

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