Greenery is the colour of 2017, proclaimed by the Pantone Color Institute. As we have already told you, this colour is going to rule over, all around, whichever way you turn. We have now collected five fresh ideas which could help you introduce more green into your house.

Embrace the green theme

You could cover an entire room with the same colour. Do it with the help of furniture and decorations in green. Combine this year’s hot shade with other colours which would all match one another. The sofa and the works of art unify the space even when the walls and the carpet are in different shades. If an entire room seems like too great an endeavour, then you might as well just start with a few highlights.

Count on small details

As we have just concluded, you could choose several details instead of filling up a whole room with green. In this case, the walls and most of the interior should be in black and white or in another neutral colour which does not collide with the colour highlights you introduce. You could put towels in the bathroom or some storage boxes anywhere in the house.

Bring the outdoors inside your room

How? You do not need paint or necessarily buy any specific decorations in green. You could introduce the colour of the year in your house by placing natural plants in certain areas in the rooms. If you are not sure whether you will manage to take care of them, you could choose plants which do not require that much effort and attention, and which grow in most circumstances.

Art unifies space

We mentioned about this a little bit earlier, but now we are going to give you specific ideas. You could find pictures or compositions in green tones which will unify all the other elements in the room. Even if it is not a canvas by a famous artist and just a painting you like, it is going to give you the sense of completeness.

Combine textures and colours

If you have chosen to introduce the freshness of this year’s colour into the bedroom, this is going to be the easiest task. Combine tones and materials which are going to give a luxury feel to your room. Regardless of the fact how much exactly you have paid for your bed cover.

Introducing greenness into your home this year is not difficult at all. And we are going to keep sharing with you more interesting ideas how to do this.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar/Press

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