Pure geometric shapes in combination with clean lines and luxurious materials. This is what the overview of the current interior scene looks like. Expensive high-quality fabrics, leather, marble, onyx, granite, agate, precious woods – all of these take a comfortable back seat among the solutions for interior design in 2018.


And more metal elements that match perfectly everywhere in the interior. Chrome and silver are also enjoying their popularity and create a different type of style when used to fill up space. Cosiness is highlighted by copper and brass while gilded elements soften the overall look of an interior space.

Just like it has been for the past few years, the Scandinavian, French, Minimalist, Latino, Boho and Retro styles remain among the favourites.


Scandinavian Homes

The main leitmotiv in interior design for this year sounds as simple and great as the idea itself – no unnecessary objects. The less superfluous elements you have cluttered in order to free up more space, the better. It is precisely in the name of love for comfort and freedom that studios choose such solutions. The designation of different areas is achieved through different materials and barely noticeable sections.

Marcel Wanders

Simplified, functional pieces of furniture, on the other hand, give an expression to the craving for minimalism in interior spaces. The exact opposite of this is found in living and working spaces with clearly defined areas. There, elements in Neo Art Deco fill everything with splendour. The more luxurious, the better. But in noway should you go to extreme gaudiness. Nonchalance, simplicity and high quality – these are the ingredients needed.

Here are a few more basic interior trends that are going to add genuine class to interior spaces.


Graphic art and decorations in geometric patterns – several two-colour combinations will be particularly trendy this year: black and white, black and green, and black and pink. Vases, candles, holders and all other sorts of decorative objects with pure geometric shapes and lines are on focus. Walls should display graphic art, black-and-white photography and monochrome pictures.

American classics and Art Deco elements – by no chance do they overshadow the popularity of Scandinavian and Provençal (French) interiors, however. To them, we add some American aesthetics with Art Deco elements.

Pastel and other soft shades – replacing the dark, intense colours of last year, 2018 comes in relaxed colour solutions, mostly pastel combinations. Yet, the rule about contrast remains indisputable.

Matt light – matt glass is a characteristic feature of light sources this year, such as milk glass, for example. Here, too, a breath of retro style is felt because of the pure geometric shapes that add both freshness and glamour.

Scandinavian Homes

Project Orange

Studio Italia Design

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: 55Kvadrat/Scandinavian Homes/Project Orange/Studio Italia Design

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