Imagine a bedroom where even the very last detail evokes the feelings of relaxation, peacefulness and… sleep. We have collected for you a few efficient odds and ends – from small rituals to design solutions, which could help transform your bedroom into a nice little haven of tranquillity.

Choose bedside cabinets with closed shelves or drawers. This way you are going to take the whole chaos to a minimum. You could keep books in there, reading glasses and all those small things which generally create the feeling of a huge mess. A vase with flowers and a scented candle are among the items which you may leave on top of the bedside cabinet. You are the one to choose what would bring peacefulness to your mind.

Make comfort your priority. Overly protuberant details like beads and sequins, or other hard and rough materials might cause quite a lot of uneasy nights. When choosing what you are going to lie down on, and in, make sure that it feels nice to the touch – cotton bed sheets are a particularly good choice.

Choose the right type of bed sheets. Always count on breathable natural materials, and not the synthetic ones, which do not allow the skin to breathe. The higher price tag does not necessarily mean higher quality. Trust your touch, it is not going to mislead you. You could even ask for opinion from people, who have already started using them. This is the best criterion for quality.

Linen is perfect for the summer and could last forever if taken proper care of. It could look a little rough, or it could be rather smooth and soft, so touch the sheets before buying them.

Cotton sheeting is the material you need if you like the feeling of freshness. Reasonably named so, this is one of the classic choices for bed sheets, which is both smooth and firm to the touch and is a perfect solution for hot weather.

Cotton satin, on the other hand, is so exceptionally soft and smooth, that you could easily confuse it for silk. Even though it may look luxurious and rather sophisticated, it is not the best option for either very cold or very hot weather.

Try out some of these relaxing rituals:

– Make yourself a cup of herbal tea before going to bed (camomile and honey is a good choice).

– Read something relaxing like a romantic poem or an inspiring book.

– Gradually reduce the lighting during the last hour before going to bed, finishing just with a candle, which you snuff out before falling asleep.

– If you have a bath – take one with lavender and rose oils before hitting the bed.

– Spray the bed sheets and the pillow with lavender-scented water and put a piece of fabric with a few drops of lavender oil on it somewhere near your head.

– Play the same relaxing playlist every evening.

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