Golden stretches of sand, endless blue sea (and sky! and sky!) and that incredible feeling of peacefulness that takes over us soon after the very first accords of our summer holiday. Does it sound enticing enough? Good, then we are going to continue… Let us add to the abovementioned idyll a sumptuous villa on the seashore with huge windows, an enormous wooden veranda, a swimming pool with crystal clear water and… a private beach. Far from crowds, tedious eyes and all-inclusive buffets. It sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Well, yes. And the best of all this is that this paradise is a reality. And that it can already be found, booked and captured in our memory archive here, in Europe. Three destinations – three splendid holiday villas. Let’s dive into their glamour!

Destination: Island of Hvar, Croatia

The unique Villa Oceanus, situated on one of the biggest islands in the Adriatic Sea, is located directly onto the seashore and boasts an enticing private beach in the Uljeni Bok Bay. The villa has its own green park with an entrance from the beach, which is not accessible to tourists. An opportunity for ultimate privacy, right? The housewas built from white stone in rural Mediterranean style. It features 6 double bedrooms and one apartment, all of which offer the needed luxury.

It takes 2 minutes by car or by speedboat to get to the centre of town.

Prices: from € 1,600 per night

Destination: Island of Mykonos, Greece

This gorgeous villa is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Agios Lazaros and overlooks both the inland of Mykonos and the historical island of Delos. The estate was built in close proximity to the world-famous Santa Marina Resort & Villas, which welcomes guests mainly from the upper-class society of Europe as well as Hollywood celebrities.

The villa has access to the beach through stairs. Apart from the private beach, it also boasts an enormous veranda, suitable for long, thirst-quenching nights with friends.

Prices: from € 8,050 per week

Destination: Rome, Italy

At the heart of Rome, in one of the quietest and greenest places in the city lies this summer salvation oasis bearing the name of Villa della Citta. Modern, spacious and luxurious, this villa is the perfect place for the ultimate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Rome. The estate boasts an extensive garden, which is completely isolated from the rest of the world, with a magnificent swimming pool, an outdoor patio for snacking and relaxation, a private SPA centre and a gym.

Each of the bedrooms in the villa is marked by unique atmosphere and finished with elegant furniture from the 1950s. A classic combination of tradition and modern design.

Prices: from € 36,000 per week

 Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Internet

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