Weheat up spring’s cravings and the first days of April, and we hit code yellow. A host of fashion experts, bloggers and specialists proclaimed yellow to be the colour of spring. We usually try to stay away from such categorisations, but a deeper and more detailed look into a good selection of street style and catwalk outfits, gathered throughout Fashion Weeks, is indeed in favour of yellow. Yellow’s seasonal appeal has often been underestimated. We avoid wearing it in the autumn and the winter, in the summer we prefer white, and during spring we often forget about it. But this year it is going to receive the honours. No matter whether we count on its brightest tones or we prefer subtler shade. For years, it has been believed that yellow is not a colour that is suitable for blondes, but we are ready to argue about it. Those bolder among us could count on an entirely yellow outfit, while the others who are still learning the ropes in this yellow urban jungle might easily go for an accessory or a single item, which would look equally amazing. It is a matter of fact that yellow provokes everybody’s attention and instantly attracts the eyes of those around us. It is bold, extravagant, but also quite fresh. It is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd or go against this year’s total favourite that everybody is talking about – Ultra Violet.

Yellow, also, has quickly become an absolute favourite for everybody, namely because of the fact that it indicates the end of winter and promises the long-awaited news about the arrival of spring and its warmth. Its colour palette is rich enough. Pale yellow immediately takes us back to the 60s, while juicy hues invite us to the dance floor. The combination of paler shades with white is amazingly trendy right now. We are witnessing a series of street style perfections, including matching yellow to another equally bright colour. But this, we reckon, is a game for more advanced players. As we know, yellow is particularly connected to the cinema and is undoubtedly Tarantino’s favourite colour. It has become iconic for Uma Thurman and the film Kill Bill, and an array of celebrities have displayed a specific liking for it. It is often linked to more extravagant personalities that remind us about madness in a good way. There is no way for us not to like it, because it’s brave. Just as much as we need it. The truth is that it could be dangerous when it comes to fashion. Because everything in fashion, just like in life, is a matter of striking the good balance, the right dose, but still in moderation. We should not go crazy about yellow highlights. On numerous occasions, we have mentioned this extremely important fashion advice that we keep repeating to ourselves. It is wise to watch out for the number of highlights in our outfit and how we match them. Because from the positive effect of looking like the latest thing, we can fall into creating a grotesque situationin no time. No matter how hard we try to stay away from doing it! This is why we have selected several really good combinations of street style trends from different fashion capitals. We were impressed with the balance, the attention to detail and the exceptionally good sense of colour. Something that is learned gradually and nurtured with patience and openness! And you, would you count on yellow this season? Because we are planning to go on like this until it’s autumn time…

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Pinterest, Bloglovin

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