One of the most interesting topics recently has undoubtedly been the one about the weather outside. With the most frequently asked question being, “Where is spring?” We all want to change the winter uniform and put on some sneakers, light coats, long dresses and get ready for the gradual arrival of summer. Because it comes elegantly, but nonchalantly at the same time, and it leaves us with almost no time to react. And, if truth be told, we’ve had the whole winter at our disposal. We have thought so many times about the outfits that we would immediately switch for our winter uniform, inevitably consisting of at least a winter coat, a sweater and a pair of boots…

Well, spring is just around the corner, but often the first “warm” days are not actually as warm as we have expected them to be. And we can never put on immediately that specific outfit that can bring about memories of something that happened in August, but still warms our heart today. Mid-season is coming and it is very well reflected into the fashion world. It is famous for the fact that our imagination can go wild and help us skilfully combine elements both from the winter and the summer wardrobes. Something similar happens in September, too, but with a certain type of sadness. Now, we can simply celebrate the beginning of the best time of the year! It is time for us to take the most strategic approach and manage to adapt every single dress as well to the chilly mornings as to the warm afternoons and cold evenings. We have several good ideas for you how to create the best mix!

A dress over a pair of jeans or trousers

This is the best way in which you could wear your favourite dress without dying with cold in the chilly April evenings. The combination of a light summer dress with denim is an absolute success and for several years now, it has been a favourite micro trend for a number of bloggers and celebrities. We pair it with some high heels or ballerinas and we look appropriate during both a daytime meeting and an evening party. Just in case, we grab a leather jacket in the bag.

Last days for leather trousers

This doesn’t at all mean that leather trousers are leaving the wardrobe. Quite the opposite, their place on the catwalk is getting more and more significant. We simply tell them, “See you soon!” and we put them on for one last time before the beginning of the summer. With a trench coat, an oversized sweater or a shirt – it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to go for them while choosing an outfit!

White trousers and a turtleneck

We are fans of both the eternal turtleneck and of white trousers. And the combination between the two brings about exactly the type of French chic that we need. And if we lacked the courage to put on white trousers in the cold, snowy weather, then spring is the perfect occasion. The turtleneck immediately elongates the silhouette while a pair of white trousers becomes a great urban highlight. We simply love it!

A colourful trench coat

The trench coat is one of fashion’s eternal classics. It is elegant, aristocratic and super trendy. We are used to encountering it classic colours, but the truth is that we could transform such a well-known garment into a genuine highlight. With just a little imagination and some colour. The trench coat is one of those clothes that we never quite find the right time for. Well, here it is now! We add colour for a better mood and because 2018 is the year of fashion experiments.

Sleeveless sweater

The sleeveless sweater is often underestimated, precisely because of the fact that we are reminded about it when it is already too warm. Or, we are too hasty and we put it on in January. Now is the time for us to combine it with a pair of jeans and some huge bracelets that match its soft material. It looks quite chic!

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Collagevintage, Pinterest, Vogue

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