Like them or not – leggings are here for another winter. Just like glasses, scarves and gloves they always find a way to get to your wardrobe – with all their pros and cons. From Rihanna to Lindsay Lohan – celebrities wear leggings, probably your colleagues wear leggings… what about you? Leggings are, let us admit it, thick tights without soles. And tights are underwear no matter how we look at it. This is why, unless you are a 12-year-old ballerina or going to a masked ball, forget about wearing them as trousers. And so, what are not leggings? Let us begin with the process of elimination.

Leggings are not trousers, no! A lot of women believe that leggings are a logical follow-up or an alternative to skinny jeans and use them as such. In fact, leggings are a natural supplement to your yoga or zumba lesson but not clothing which you use to emphasise your body shape while walking around the shopping centre. This does not mean that you have to wear leggings exclusively with skirts and dresses. It means that whatever you put on, it has to be obvious that you are using the leggings rather as an accessory and not as a garment.

How to wear them? With a short skirt – yes! You will not be mistaken if you have leggings under a skirt and put on flat shoes or boots. This way you will not be embarrassed about how short the skirt is, you will not feel cold and you would feel comfortable throughout the whole day. The same applies to dresses, which, by doing this, could also find their place among winter clothes.

Leggings could be worn with a long top as well. Dressed like this, you could go to the cinema, for a stroll or, simply stay home and read a book. The rule here is: the top should cover your thighs so that you do not look half-clad. The same applies to tunics, which are often confused with regular shirts. Remember that the length of the top has to be maxi and not mini.

One of the most successful combinations is leggings with a long shirt, fitted with a belt at the waist. In such a case you may put on ankle or knee boots. You put on a blazer for a complete look and you get an outfit suitable for a relaxed Sunday evening outside.

As far as the length is concerned – it has to go down to the ankle. Nether more, nor less. Shorter types will make you look shorter, too, and after all, they also need to keep you warm.

As for the colour – be careful with lighter shades. They automatically add a few kilos to your otherwise beautiful figure. The most appropriate colours are black, grey, brown, dark blue and purple. And after all, if you feel comfortable in red, try it – it might work to your advantage especially with a black skirt and boots.

Where and when to wear leggings? At weddings, to the office, on formal occasions, for a job interview or… if we are invited to the Oscars ceremony? Keep in mind that leggings can always downsize a formal outfit to casual even if it is a backless dress, so you’d better not make experiments when the time is not right.


As for the maintenance – since leggings are neither underwear, nor trousers, they need to be washed more often. You may put them in the machine but in one of those mesh laundry bags, which will prevent them from stretching. Leggings are often made of entirely synthetic materials or have very little cotton. This means that it is not a good thing to dry them using a hot air stream as they will quickly lose their elasticity.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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