The rollercoaster of pestle colours got us spinning and there is no stopping. Colours in the style of My Little Pony and the palette of milkshakes form our childhood conquered the season as if by one snap of the fingertips. And the waterfall of mint, lavender and candy-floss started showering down our feed on Instagram. Then, it nestled down comfortably on the shelves of our wardrobes. We greeted this pestle bomb with utter admiration. Because we easily match it to denim, white classics, beachwear and to the carefree days by the beach. It makes us feel a little happier and a little sunnier.

The easiest way to add a bit of juiciness to our trivial outfit, made up entirely of basics, is to add at least one highlight in these sugary Barbie nuances. A voluminous bag in the colour of peach ice-cream or headphones in mint could be a small wink that entirely redefines our look. And unexpectedly, we simply start shining!

Pestle colours from head to toe in the form of a two-piece suit or a dress falling down to the ground are amongst the absolute hits that inevitably end up in our summer suitcase for travelling and adventures. They save up a lot of time and hesitation about the harmonious decision on the top and bottom parts of our outfit. Time that we could easily invest into cocktails and nice chats. This is what we call practical clothes with valuable meaning.

Short trousers in denim or neutral colours are simply begging for a crop top in sunny yellow or doll pink. The whole picture changes dramatically and we do, too.

Pestle colours have one more undeniable advantage. They look even more beautiful with our golden suntan.

Fine gold adornments and those ones that at least get close to the shine of the precious metal are also excellent at putting the final touches on our summer outfits in the colours of the candy rainbow. Simply add several delicate bracelets on your wrist, a pair of larger earrings or a gentle necklace. But not everything together! Choose one highlight.

Take out your pestles and paint the summer that you have long been dreaming of – colourful, bold and emotional. Because they match it so well!

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos:;; photographs by Johan Holmquist, Permafrost DesighStudio;

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