It seems like somebody sent an anonymous letter to the guests of Copenhagen Fashion Week with the provocation: “Ladies, come in flip-flops!”. And the ladies actually did it. Each and every one trying to be more charming than her sisters!

At first, it was cycling shorts that surprised us as an emerging top trend, but here, we admit it, we were in some sort of a shock. And still, the initial shock faded slowly and left us in peace so that we could enjoy the street show of silk and satin dresses. Accompanied by the slapping sound of authentic flip-flops. No designer interpretations, no extravagant collaborations. Just flip-flops!

We started cracking our knuckles, wondering whether such a thing would be acceptable at all. And suddenly, it dawned on us – but of course it is acceptable. Comfort, especially on days of endless rushing through the city labyrinth, is worth a pair of suitable shoes, or at least something that resembles shoes and lets our feet breathe freely.

For the past few years, we have witnessed all sorts of trends that shot like stars in the fashion sky and then quickly died out. We remember the high-heeled roller skates, the platform Crocs and all possible kinds of other such misunderstandings. Here, we are going to deny ourselves a prediction as to how long we are about to enjoy the sight of fairy-tale-like beautiful ladies who are floating around dressed in their most delicate dresses and shod in a pair of Havaianas.

For the sake of cause, we feel obliged to summarise what was more interesting from the things we saw on Scandinavian ground, served with flip-flops for added glamour.

Dresses covered in millions of sequins! Yes, it seems that while Cinderella is looking for her glass slipper, she is counting on something far more practical in the street.

As one of the most stunning views, however, we would definitely rate the leopard mini-dress, accompanied by a Céline necklace, a Cult Gaia bag… and anonymous flip-flops.

Evening gowns and skirts with all sorts of symmetry solutions were also included in the parade of the slapping minimalistic slipper.

And for dessert, we present you with our favourite image – a fluffy pink sweater, poison-green under-slip, a designer bag, an anklet made with shells and a flip-flop in yellow right under it. A true gem!

And while we feel rather compassionate about this trend, we are wondering how you would vote this trend – ‘For’ or ‘Against’. Share with us, because we are dying with curiosity!

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Stylesightworldwide; @karodall; @emilisindlev

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