We avidly watched the whole street style parade in Copenhagen and one trend unexpectedly went ahead of all others – cycling shorts. Fashion editors, bloggers and fashionistas from near and far transformed them into a must-have uniform during the Fashion Week in the Danish capital. We saw them paired in all possible combinations and we became convinced that they are a piece which is worth investing in for the current and even for the upcoming season.

Firstly, cycling shorts surprisingly turned out to be a piece of clothing that is an absolute chameleon and that easily transcends from one style into another. Secondly, it only takes up a handful of space in our luggage and we could take them to any journey or for a long weekend outside the city. And thirdly, even if we get bored of wearing it in the city jungle, we could easily pension it off as workout attire in the gym. And here is how we end up with a gold find that has quite a lot of applications and leads us well ahead in our fashion game.

Cycling shorts have a very best friend. And this is the trendy bumbag. The two great hits keep spending time inseparably in the big fashion capitals. The sports hint and the comfort they provide are the two elements that unite them. And the style they form up turns out to be a winning look for everyday city life.

The paradox here is that both of them team up to make a great outfit combined with… a blazer. We introduce a bit of formal and rigorous style in the recipe, and in the end, we still have a killer outfit. We get an A+ and move on with experimenting.

From sports micro tops to oversized T-shirts and extravagant white shirts, cycling shorts manage to somehow insolently get into the whole picture. And they add that healthy dose of extravagance and surprise. Even when they are made of a large net fabric and do not leave much for the imagination, again they look adequate and manage to create quite a stir.

They can absolutely uphold monochrome combinations in black. But they are also a convenient foundation for us to add a little bit of shocking colour.

We have a new favourite trend, which managed to win our hearts. And we are ready to play with it!

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Stylesightworldwide @Styledumonde; @chistinecentenera; romeosfashionfix; @lissyroddyy; @_jeanettemadsen_; @mikaelahook; @blancamiro.

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