It’s the morning of a new day, we open up our eyes and we start organising in our minds the tasks we need to deal with. For many of us, the very first and definitely the most significant thing for the beginning of the day is facing the wardrobe bravely and taking the most appropriate decision about the way we are going to look. We take all these things into consideration: the temperature outside, our mood, the place we are going to, the current trends, how comfortable we are going to feel and who we are going to meet… A number of rules pop up in our heads and we often exclaim, “I have nothing to wear!” You can’t convince us that you haven’t said these words at least once. At such times, everyone needs several guidelines and a bit of inspiration. And today is your lucky day. For yet another time, our trend radar has come to our rescue to identify the next trend that will easily settle into your everyday life. We beg your pardon, perhaps it has already done so without you even realising it. You probably have at least one pair of trousers, a dress or a skirt with an ankle length. In case your answer is negative, however, then be quick to fix this because it’s time for you to get to know the allure of ankle-length clothing.


Quite recently, we spoke about and gave you some tips on how to wear midi trousers, which boast their characteristic length, at least a hand span above the ankles. Today, we are turning our attention to a rather different type of trousers that are slightly longer than the above mentioned and their length end just over or right at the ankle. Unlike midi trousers, here you may well allow yourself to go for a more tapered fit. If your working environment requires a more conservative and rigorous dress code, then go for an elegant look with a suit made up of a jacket and trousers ending right at the ankle. Combine with high heeled shoes in order to elongate the silhouette. Apart from the suit, you could also build up a reasonably representative look in other different ways. You have the absolute freedom to introduce some variety with a beautiful coat, a soft sweater and a pair of stylish ankle trousers directing everyone’s look to the shoes and they’d better be high-heeled.

Denim on the horizon

Denim is an everlasting favourite, it has always been trendy and has always sneaked its way even into the wardrobes of the most demanding ladies. Denim trousers always introduce comfort into our day. They are fit for leisure, but also for work. Flared and accompanied by a long coat in a base colour, denim trousers are going to become your best friends if they still haven’t done so. Add a highlight to your look with shoes in a bright colour. At the weekend, you can count on ankle trousers paired with sports shoes, such as sneakers or trainers, for ultimate freedom of movement, just like Hailey Bieber often does it.


We are moving forward with skirts and dresses that are going to highlight your femininity. A soleil, asymmetry, floral motifs, leather – the diversity of materials is here and it invites you to experiment. We guess you can’t wait for the spring to come so that you can breathe a sigh of relief from all those heavy sweaters, jackets and scarves. Both for the current and for the upcoming season, ankle skirts and dresses are amongst the leading trends. In the winter, you have the option of pairing them with boots that will keep you warm, but also with a pair of sports shoes and colourful socks. For the warmer days, however, you don’t need to hide your ankles, after all, the purpose is for them to be exposed.

On women and shoes

Even though we might risk to repeat ourselves, we need to mention a few words about ankle boots. Trendy and affordable, they are the perfect option for the weather outside. If they are bright and the rest of your look is a bit more neutral, they are going to be your highlight. These boots, together with a pair of denim trousers, are your faithful fellows in achieving the perfect look. High-heeled boots and shorter trousers are sure to elongate your silhouette. And midi skirts are also a good partner in crime when it comes to ankle boots. Allow yourself to be practical and don’t miss the encounter with the lengths of the season!

Text: Zhana Miteva

Photos: Pinterest

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