Polka dot clothes have always provoked in us a particular desire to leave for Paris (which, as we know, is always an excellent idea), to go for a walk along the Seine, drink some wine at a cosy café or dance away the soundtrack of Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. No, this can’t always happen right away, but what stops us from dreaming for a while? And long ago, we started recognising the ability of fashion to take us away, lift us over time and space, and even moods. Fashion could be the perfect disguise in the occasions when we are not feeling well or it is simply not our day. According to some fashion experts’ advice (as well as that of many remarkable women we have met), it is enough to just put something really coolon. Then, not only are we going to feel better, but we are also going to make the necessary good impression. And this definitely evokes smiles to people’s faces. Polka dots have always been the right choice when we want to look elegant, stylish and classy. No matter what variation of the pattern we opt for, polka dots are a good classic detail that immediately makes us shine and takes us back to the 1950s.

Micro and macro polka dots, white, black or red ones, the combinations are really endless. They come to our rescue for the afternoon parties, the upcoming wedding season and the endless summer days and nights. We recharge our batteries with a dose of romance and we shift into a more beautiful and inspirational environment, we travel in time and let our hair down. We fall in love with see-through materials, different lengths and dark blue. Our favourites are the designs by Carolina Herrera, which capture the attention with sumptuous dresses that do not leave much room for imagination. The see-through dresses are quite bold and really appropriate for genuine princesses. And you cannot possibly remain unnoticed with the incredible satin skirt with yellow macro polka dots on a pink background.

One of the greatest highlights that we came across during Fashion Weeks was this splendid pair of lace stocking boots, combined with an exceptionally sexy suit in black and white. We can’t make up our minds about which we want more – the suit or the shoes?! Dolce & Gabbana enchant us yet again!

Alexander Vauthier, a remarkably strong French label outlines some of the most seductive images of the femme fatale wearing a mini dress. Paired with patent leather boots in purple. Almost over the knee, obviously!

We have always imagined the best part of the day with a drink in hand, a beautiful scenery before our eyes and a long, see-through dress. And thanks to Blumarine’s imagination, we add a huge dose of class with fine, elegant polka dots and pale colours. We match them with bright red lipstick and we fall in love with the thin shoulder straps, ending in extremely provocative ribbons which are only waiting to be loosened up!

A sheer delight to the senses is one of our favourite brands Rodarte. As if with a magic wand, they transform us into forest elves dressed in long, pale pink dresses with discreet black polka dots. They make us dream about infinite flower gardens and huge celebrations in the countryside.

Having started our tour with the streets of Paris, there is no way for us not to end up back there again. The most urban rendition of polka dots that we have come across this season bears the style of Dior. A beret, a short coat, a hot skirt, a sleeveless vest. A combination which is appropriate not only for long strolls, but also for afternoon tea, a cocktail party, a wedding, and why not even a casual Sunday in the city?

If polka dots could teach us something, it would be not to be afraid of adding something more to the way we dress. Because sometimes one tiny detail is able to completely reimagine our day and give us a pinch of the class and style that we deserve. Regardless of the fact whether we are in Paris or Sofia!

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Vogue

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