He is a designer who has become the perfect example of the American dream coming true. His brand has had stable positions on the international fashion market ever since its foundation and has long become a symbol of style, comfort and personality. She, on the other hand, is a well-known American actress, singer and dancer. And even though she is only 23, she is already a fashion icon. He is Tommy Hilfiger, she – Zendaya Coleman. And the two of them are a great team! Over the past year they have proven so as their names have often been mentioned together because of their capsule collection TOMMYxZENDAYA.

Everything started in March 2019, when we saw the first joint collection by Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya during Paris Fashion Week. A stunning collection with a lot of strong messages that was gladly welcome by Tommy Hilfiger’s fans. What is more, The New York Times then announced that, “Zendaya is Tommy’s secret weapon.” Which, as a matter of fact, she is, because their Autumn/Winter 2019 capsule collection was one of the most anticipated events during New York Fashion Week.

The new show by the famous designer and Disney’s actress was held on the 8th of September this year. And, apart from the fact that it was a natural continuation of the messages Hilfiger and Zendaya spread through their spring show in Paris, the viewers were once again given the chance to use the “See now – buy now” option, signed exclusively by Tommy Hilfiger.

An invitation to… an experience

The freshly formed fashion duo had decided to invite its guests to… a party, by transforming the presentation of the new collection designs from yet another catwalk event into a whole new experience for the models, for the guests… for everyone. And it turned out quite well, we must admit. The event was hosted at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. As you might have already guessed, this is a place that was quite chosen on purpose as in the past it housed a lot of vaudeville artists and had great importance for the Afro-American community. Just like any other proper party, especially for one labelled ‘retro’, there was a lot of music – 70s and 80s hits were perfectly complemented by live acts, dancing on and around the stage and a virtuoso saxophonist. Did we miss anything? Actually, yes – there were two vintage convertibles, crimson velvet sofas and… plenty of good mood! To put it in other words, this was the perfect atmosphere for such a type of show.

If you are wondering who chose the Apollo Theatre, then most naturally this was Zendaya! She shared that she was looking for “a place with history and souland she decided on the Apollo Theater because of its rich history, but also because this way she wanted to show her respect and gratitude to all those people who pushed the way that led her to the place where she is standing now. And the place where Zendaya is standing now is splendid. Literally and metaphorically!

Back to the 70s

As far as the collection itself is concerned, Hilfiger and Zendaya continued drawing inspiration from the fashion of the late 70s. Obviously, there were major differences from the March collection, when in the spring everything was rolling in glamour and evening style, now the scales weighed down towards the brighter side of daytime and outfits that are much more easily applicable in everyday wear. The Autumn/Winter 2019 collection was a completely new rendition of the iconic style of the past and continued to proudly present designs of different origin, body shape, age, gender and ethnicity. Because fashion is for everybody!

Actually, everything was screaming that Hilfiger felt at home with the current collection, because it is precisely with this decade that he is most familiar with. After all, his fashion career started namely in 1971. He mentioned that it was a huge relief for him when Zendaya shared with him that she wanted to work with the styles of the 70s, as the shapes, silhouettes and materials of that time so familiar to him. So painfully familiar!

Wesaw a lot of velvet, wool, leather and materials absolutely fit for the season. As far as the cuts go, the suits were modernised, the midi skirts – praised, and polka dots – put on a pedestal… and everything to the very last detail was immaculate! Inherent to Hilfiger! Apparently, to Zendaya, too!

After the phenomenal first collection in spring, the second one by Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya was heavy with the expectation of something mesmerising. And this is exactly what it was. There were messages, there was style, there was music, there was beauty, there were dots, there was diversity, there was the and there was the old… there was everything in well-measured amounts. You may convince yourself of all this by simply watching the show here.

And did we miss anything? Not at all, but we will definitely miss Zendaya for the brand’s next shows…

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Tommy Hilfiger

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