We have been so impatient for probably the most exciting and intriguing fashion week. Just a few days ago, we told you about the impressions that we had gathered from New York and London, but the truth is that we were not particularly impressed. We were secretly expecting Milan, because there fashion feels at home. And the week that was devoted to it did not disappoint us. Let us offer you our overview which includes the best looks and outfits that we came across!


The greatest surprise at Milan Fashion Week. The highlights of the whole Moschino show were the extraordinary tights that had these ‘crossed-out’ marker line patterns. It is also impossible for us to hide our admiration from the floral motifs, the silver highlights, as well as the amazing hats that complement perfectly the incredible dance of gold, silver, black, and colourful elements.


All new faces in fashion came to walk for Fendi. Kaia Gerber and the Hadid sisters were the highlights of the show while the outfits themselves surprised us rather pleasantly, because they were free from that typical (at least up until recently) logomania of Fendi’s. A lot of nude colours, leather, and pink and white elements, which are combined in an exceptionally elegant way, somehow reminding us of Max Mara. And three cheers for the newly introduced elegant hair buns, which we so love wearing, especially on more casual days.


Long live pure shapes with plenty of see-through surprises! In the new Prada collection, we can definitely feel the influence from the first super models and particularly that from Twiggy! Short hair, socks just under the knee, elegant sandals with straps and a lot of polka dots. We like it! A bold and unusual collection, without much of the typical Italian glamour. But, on the other hand, we are quite impressed with the elegant combinations.

Alberta Ferretti

Undoubtedly the most elegant and airy collection. Pastel colours, see-through silk, a lot of tenderness, and dresses that are fit for long summer days and nights, somewhere far away, on Capri, for instance! We are impressed with the lightness and the femininity of this collection. Alberta Ferretti scores another huge fashion point! We suddenly started craving back the summer.

Daizy Shely

This is the freshest collection that we came across, and not just during this Fashion Week. The young Jewish designer is one of the most successful representatives of the renowned Instituto Marangoni, and in 2013 she opens her own studio in Milan. Her style of designing is said to be producing not only clothes, but also dreams and ambitions. This Daizy Shely collection is bold and very feminine, and it winks at those girls who don’t seem to have enough courage to add some craziness in their wardrobes. But with this collection, we are definitely going to try out!


A new collaboration between Moncler and Irish brand Simone Roche. A futuristic gaze ahead in time that goes through innovative materials, different silhouettes, and a bit more unusual, but spectacular outfits. Remo Ruffini announced that this is going to be a series of collaborations (a total of eight), which are going to be revealed gradually in the next few months and titled The Genius Group. The designers’ aspirations are to meet the needs of customers who have started developing different ways of shopping in today’s digital world. Will they be successful?


Here is typical Italy! Bright colours, glamour, a feast for the senses. Versace remain true to their DNA and they lead us into wild dancing. Yes, in the streets of Milan, right next to the pasta, ice-cream and everything else that brings joy to our eyes and all other senses! In the company of many, many flowers.

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Vogue

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