We find genuine fashion inspiration in the past and throughout the different periods. Vintage finds are ever more precious riches and their possession is becoming more and more valuable. An excellent street style highlight in the wardrobes of all bloggers and fashion gurus are namely these vintage elements. Be it jewellery, coats, dresses or hats. And without even realising it, we have reached our favourite accessories! Bags. They are capable of entirely transforming our whole outfit and turning even the most common combination into something special. Bags are an actual investment and they require special care. Many of them have a high collectable value, especially those ones that have been passed on from generation to generation. This summer is going to be entirely dedicated to circle bags, which are the total must-have for the season. All fashion shows confirm this, starting from Balmain and the romance of Chanel that both offer us true gems.

Circle bags remind us of the beach, the sun and the light luggage that we take to yet another desired holiday. They are also a great ally in the hot urban environment. We combine them with long dresses, jeans, short trousers and straw hats! They are also more than appropriate for the moments when we need to leave the house immediately and take the most important with us: keys, telephone, money, a small bottle of perfume and our favourite lipstick. The little circle bag is also a great addition to the little black dress. An elegant ally in evening attire, but also great for everyday outfits.

Chanel present us with a true gem with stones, combined with translucent boots. Louis Vuitton elegantly cheat on the circle and transform it into a boat-like shape.

Circle bags bring about that special Gatsby spirit from the 50s that we are dreaming about. They are a great highlight for every outfit and we imagine a party on the beach with cool music, sequins, and glamour. The circular shape of these bags seems to keep inside the necessary dose of aristocratism that we have been missing so much recently.

Colours vary from dark to bright ones and the latter really look like sweets! Many of the models on the catwalk were wearing their bags with chains wound around their wrists like bracelets. Whether you are going to choose this option or you are going to count on the classic way of wearing them over the shoulder, you would be equally trendy!

Snake and animal elements were seen with Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton and many of the bags’ straps could be adjusted. We choose the smallest designs possible and we accept the fact that we could wear circle bags as clutches, too!

We fell in love with the little red jewel by Dolce & Gabbana, which we would literally wear 24/7! Because a good bag is not only a fashion find, but an actual mandatory accessory. For a more pleasant, stylish and fashionable outfit. This summer is going to be circular and very chic!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Vogue


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