The woman who works at an office and aspires to be a professional in her field, she who is well-educated and works equally to men – this is an image which realistically describes the objectives many of us set for ourselves. Achieving success at the workplace, however, is preceded by something which we consider less often – how to understand fashion codes and symbols before applying them to the office environment. How do trendy modern businesswomen dress and do we need to concern ourselves precisely with this aspect of the road to success? Clothes represent a huge part of non-verbal communication and the answer to the above-mentioned question is inescapably affirmative.

And because we truly believe in the importance of how we look when we go to work or to a corporate event, business attire is a subject which we cannot possibly and by any means neglect. While choosing your own, you need to take into consideration a few points. Clothes need to be comfortable, they must not expose your neckline or your legs too much and they have to show certain status, which means that you cannot afford cheap materials, fake handbags and jewellery, imitating precious metals and stones.

The appropriate smart clothing should follow classic styles one way or another. This means that suits in black and dark blue are one of the options to start with. Shoes must never have too high heels. Neither is it acceptable to wear boots over the knee or too thick or rough outsoles. The so-called Casual Friday presents you with an opportunity to put on your favourite pair of jeans with a cardigan or a coloured sweater for example. It doesn’t invite you to dress for a Friday night out with the girls.

Apparently, the colours which you wear may vary from the typical dark shades to all the rest. Neon colours, however, are a taboo at the workplace or in a formal environment. Therefore, bright colours need to be used with great care because they often carry connotations of being aggressive or distract the attention of other people.

The classic shirt in different colours is always a part of a proper business look. Experiments with prints on the serious and formal occasions at question have to be done particularly carefully. Odd patterns, which are often among the trendiest tips, should be avoided.

When wearing a suit in your business routine, you could complement it with some noticeable jewellery, a coloured accessory or a beautiful handbag. Straight symmetrical shapes of clothes are to be preferred for decent style at the workplace. You were probably unaware, but completely bare legs are unacceptable in a business environment. In case you wear a skirt or a dress, then unavoidably you have to wear tights no matter what the season is.

The classic pencil skirt is acceptable when it goes down to about your knee. Tight clothes, hinting at your sex appeal, are also acceptable but you must not cross the line of decency and demonstrate poor taste or kitsch. Trousers – cigarettes or creased – may reveal your ankle. Matching clothes have to highlight eternal classic styles. Your clothing must always be perfectly ironed, without any spots on them or threads hanging loose whatsoever.

Going hand in hand with carefully planned business attire, a beautiful hairstyle must never appear too stiff or fixed with too much hairspray. Always count on more natural shapes and looks which do not burden the eyes. Make-up also remains at base level, which means black eyeliner, mascara and lipstick or, a nude look. Another important thing is that a beautiful and expensive handbag has the power to make the whole outfit more noticeable. It could be in brighter bolder shades, not too big, not too small, but enough to complement the classic look in a daring way.

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