When it comes to less formal attire, denim is the king of uncomplicated outfits. But jeans are not the only way to wear it this year and we are about to introduce a new trend into your weekend wardrobe. The denim jacket is an excellent opportunity to build up many a look. It is the perfect addition to complete any simple, but stylish outfit with the exception of your prom (maybe). There is nothing more flexible then the denim jacket when we speak from the point of view of fashion. It could accompany us from spring, through chilly summer nights on the beach, all to the autumn. In order to find out how reinvent your denim jacket the right way for each season, simply follow this useful styling manual for stunning outer appearance.

Just like the Little Red Riding Hood

Add an additional layer of warmth on one of those days when it is not exactly spring. We’ve had plenty of them recently, but here is the solution — a hoodie. Such an outfit tackles several problems at once: you immediately turn into a street style icon and you also feel warm and comfortable. Apart from this, the sweatshirt breaks all possible spring trend charts, so don’t wait for long before you get one.

Instead of a scarf

Keep cosy with a sweater under your denim jacket, leaving it unbuttoned or half-buttoned. You will be both stylish and casual and at the same time you will keep warm until June comes.

An unexpectedly good combination

Do you remember how it was super trendy to wear two or even three jackets or coats one on top of the other last winter? Well, this trend continues with the warmer months, too. Combine a denim jacket with a leather one for the maximum “wow” effect. We are quite certain that you haven’t seen such a combination in the streets, so the floor is yours.

Candy crush

 If you are not the biggest fan of traditional denim, then count on a pink jacket. It could be a part of your neutral base wardrobe and it could be paired with at least 80% of your clothing arsenal. On the plus side, we are all crazy about pink, which has conquered all social media for the past few months.

A gloomy mood

 Apart from pink, you could also replace the classic blue denim with some grey colour. Again in the neutral spectrum, this jacket will give you an opportunity to highlight another part of your outfit.

Retro inspiration

Another opportunity to introduce some more variety is to opt for a denim jacket with a lining. Apart from the vintage look, this way you are going to achieve a rather trendy and comfortable outfit. After the fashion season in February, we got to the conclusion that retro styles are always in fashion.

Something vintage

If you are feeling more adventurous, choose an asymmetrical denim jacket or a baggy one. The options here range from off-the-shoulder designs, through sequins, to peplum. Well, the last one sounds quite extravagant for a denim jacket, but there were no rules in fashion, right? Ask Rihanna.


Forget about blue and apart from a jacket, get a skirt in a matching colour, as well. Now this is a contemporary rendition of the suit and it is also an easy and funny outfit for sunny weather.

Denim in the jungle

Last but not least, don’t forget how well denim matches to animal prints, be it snake, leopard or zebra ones. An easy and attractive solution to that endless dilemma what to put on in the morning would be a pair of monochrome boots, an animal print dress and a denim jacket. Voilà!

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Photos: Pinterest

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