It’s such a blessing to have them! Puffer jackets filled with a thousand and one down feathers to protect us in the coldest of winter days. At those moments when thermometers cry out of coldness, without a moment’s hesitationwe bring out the heavy artillery and we know what to wear. And since sports clothing and style have been triumphantly marching on the catwalk for several seasons now, it is quite normal for the comfortable warm jacket to take a front position and step up convincingly on the big stage. Giants of the rank of Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi and Burberry crowned it an absolute king of the season and rediscovered it in incredible variations. Fendi showered it in heart shapes and dressed it in velvet.


Moncler got themselves a porcelain-doll collaboration with Simone Rocha and adorned their down jackets with ribbons and beads. Alessandro Michele, true to his style, didn’t think twice and opted for sumptuous prints, large lace and unexpected highlights. Balenciaga upped the volume of their designs and didn’t miss out on putting yet another easily noticeable logo.

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We can keep on enumerating forever. But we are now ready to talk about styling our favourite jacket for the season. We rub our hands happily, facing the fact that there are no impossible combinations, as you may be easily assured by the images we have selected for you.

The oversized puffer jacket is courageous to embark on an adventure even with pronouncedly elegant dresses and skirts. And we totally shatter the formal norms by adding a pair of heavy-duty winter boots. Also, the simpler and more monochrome the dress is, the more frivolity we allow ourselves as far as the prints on our jacket go.


Bright trousers and classic jeans remain amongst our favourites and we use them to put together the perfectly comfortable total look to accompany our jacket.

We are curious to look at, but also bold enough to go for the pairing of a puffer jacket with high heels. The wave of experimentation leads us to the deep end of brave combinations and allows us to be as daring as we wish to. We must admit it, our inspiration, once again, comes mainly from Balenciaga.






Text: Siyana Zaimova


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