There is no reason for us to hide that Mondays don’t usually bring about that needed pleasant anticipation like Fridays, for instance. And not simply because there is a whole working week ahead, but because they put an end to that sweet period of relaxation and all those moments of peace and quiet. Again, we have to go back to the more serious side of our character and live up to the position that we are supposed to hold. This often reflects on the way we dress, as well, especially on the first day of the week. And in order to be elegant working girls, we are doing our best to count on the best business outfits that will look good enough both at the office and the so-compulsory bar afterwards. And in order to keep a more entrepreneurial spirit, we count on an outfit that is going to rule over the catwalk and street style trends for yet another autumn and winter. We are talking about all the possible variations of the leather skirt! Yes, we have been familiar with it for several seasons so far, but now it is definitely getting reborn. This time, however, we are going to wear it straight, in different colours and we are not going to let it be pleated or flared. The tighter, the sexier! The closer it fits the body, the trendier and more fashionable it is. For the ladies whose dress code does not allow such short lengths we suggest longer designs in different colours. Or below the knee! We combine them with a white shirt or T-shirt and we turn into genuine office queens!

The leather skirt differs from a standard skirt for its character, which speaks about a woman who knows what she can and what she wants. And it is an undoubted invitation for exciting adventures after working hours. Because who wants their Monday to end with work? Nobody, let’s admit it. We prefer stopping by at the favourite bar in order to have a delicious cocktail rather than going straight back home. And this is the right time when your skirt is going to get its deserved attention. At the end of the summer, owning a leather skirt turns out to be a true investment. We have yet another month to wear our favourite beach clothes, but the beginning and the middle of September are absolutely perfect for a white shirt or a white T-shirt in combination with a tight leather skirt.

And if several years ago the only acceptable colour was black, then now is the time for you to experiment boldly! The more different and unusual the cut is, combined with an extraordinary colour, the better. Treat the leather skirt like your favourite denim one, because its popularity is about to be just as great! There is no reason for us to hide it, we are fans. Especially from the moment when we found out that it elongates the silhouette and has the inherent ability to make us look slimmer… which should always be taken into account. We have made a careful selection that, we hope, will give you inspiration about new horizons. Personal and business-wise!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest

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