The treasure hunt in second-hand storesand those for vintage selections has become one of our favourite disciplines. We love it, because it pays off with trophies we haven’t event dreamt of finding in the sea of clothing and accessories in front of us. And also, because it supports the cause for sustainable fashion and gives the planet a hand against overproduction. Sometimes we come across brands which are impossible to find in our own country, or we could hardly afford them when we are travelling abroad. At other times, we find treasures by brands which have stopped production since long ago, and so we end up buying collectable designs. The thrill of knowing how something has travelled the world to end up in our wardrobes so that we could update it without going broke is sheer pleasure.

I have come across all sorts of things in second-hand stores, but my greatest hit in my second-hand collection I owe to my best girlfriends. Planning to surprise me for my birthday, they had added to my present the freakiest blazer with prints of ridiculously drawn aliens which, apparently, they had found in a second-hand store. It had probably been sitting on a hanger in my wardrobe for years, before I finally got tempted to google its label. It turned out that the piece was a work by a Norwegian designed who studied fashion in Esmond and in Central Saint Martin in London. The Jacket in question was even shown on the catwalk while Google suggested a photo in the results from my search so that I could be totally shocked.

As long as you are not suffering from any unnecessary prejudices or other reserved opinions about second-hand stores, they automatically become a huge arena of opportunities. And they introduce a nice, artistic note of uniqueness to your style.

Here is a short list of the finds which are worth looking for the next time you are checking the second-hand store.

Authentic vintage Levi’s and the like

Oversized jackets with a history, iconic denim designs for humble prices. Cuts that fit us like second skin, or nonchalantly fall over our shoulders like the perfect piece.

Summer dresses

 Maxi, midi or mini lengths. Drowned in flowers, polka dots or stripes. Light, airy and so beach-life.

Burberry style trench coats

You would like to fill in your collection with a colour that you are missing – khaki, military, variations in green or the classic black. The most budget-wise solution is the second-hand store.

Dinner jackets and blazers

Often with the perfect cut made of excellent materials. And not only – shirts, trousers, knee-length skirts and all sorts of solutions for the office dress code at work. Without having to sacrifice those killer heels so that you would have what to wear on your business meeting tomorrow morning.

Mini bags and cocktail clutches

Which you could often find for a price of literally cents to a few euros, kept in a brilliant condition and ready for new adventures and parties.

Vintage scarves

Those same ones that we use to finish at least a dozen of outfits. And the ones that we adorn our hair with. Or we tie them to our bags.

Babies’ and children’s clothing

Here, however, the choice is very personal – whether it is acceptable to dress a small child with clothes that are living a second life. But a host of mothers have shared how unreasonably expensive these small clothes are and how useful they find second-hand stores when looking for an affordable alternative. Especially in the periods when kids are outgrowing different sizes at the speed of light.

Sports clothing

It is quite difficult for us justify the accumulation of a pile of yoga leggings worth between 30 and 80 euros. We count on the possibility to get some more affordable options for sports.


Some of the chains also offer books at humble prices. An excellent way for you to find editions in foreign languages which are usually quite expensive in bookstores.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Miss Vintage Lady;JestemKasia; Chronicles of her; bandier

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