Jewellery pieces this summer should either be huge or we’d better not wear anything at all. This is the fashion dictatorship that has been established by catwalks in various fashion capitals. Fashion, as it very often turns out, has no doubts. We are going to wear huge, even gigantic adornments. Contrary to all supporters of the less-is-more trend, our summer is going to wear plus sizes. Thistrend, on the one hand, might seem to be betraying the philosophy of Coco Chanel, who was one of the most well-known admirer of accessories. But on the other hand, it was namely her who stated that jewellery is the best way to run away from the boredom of everyday life. Before going out, it is precisely Miss Chanel that beckons us, we should remove something from our clothes in order to get to the perfect outfit. French fashion is the one to introduce the practice of wearing jewellery and reveal its features in the most romantic way. And this is also the best way for us to make the right impression! Thanks to jewellery we could make even the simplest outfit remarkable, we transform it into more than just clothes and we give it a magical atmosphere. The unforgettable combination between a necklace and a little black dress. And it was again Chanel that was first to mix fake gems with precious stones so that today we could wear the maxi styles, which will be the ruling trend of 2018. We wear them during the day and for the endless night parties. There is one thing we can learn from the catwalk. Dare! Let us shine, let us stand out! Enormous earrings, maxi necklaces, different colourful stones, be it precious or not, the important thing is that they make us pretty and play a wonderful melody hanging from our ears.

By and large, the jewellery of 2018 is as important as the outfits themselves. It is ready to shape and define our style and give it the necessary dose of personality and character. We forget about minimalism and dive into the trend in full swing. The only wind we need to follow is the one of our own moods. Count on experiments and be ready to risk boldly! We are wearing plastic pieces by Armani, floral beauties by Rodarte, stylish chains by Céline, bold suggestions by Gucci and what not. Our arms are going to bear heavy and voluminous bracelets while our ears make a stage for hanging beauties. We are wearing our hair neatly dressed so that our accessories could stand out! We cannot wait for it to get a little warmer so that we could embark on that wonderful fashion journey we have been waiting for all winter. We are dreaming about faraway places, freedom, a lot of colours and the sound of the pendants of our favourite bracelet. This is what paradise would look like, we are quite certain!

Text: Thea Denolyubova

Photos: Instagram

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