Undoubtedly the most prestigious fashion school, at least in Europe. Yes, it competes with Parson’s and Central Saint Martin’s, but its headquarters in Milan brings out that unadulterated Italian glamour which always ensures added value to everything we create, buy or simply enjoy. Tradition has it that the show of the students from the so-called Maranga is a genuine fashion spectacle, which is by no means inferior to any of the fashion weeks. In halls literally crowded with bloggers, fashion critics, professors and talent scouts, 3rd-year students and graduates from the Master programmes have the opportunity to present their creations. It is not by chance that we are using the word ‘creations’, because their clothes seem to have souls and much more than just fabrics. They bear the signature and mood of each of the designers and they are saturated with their emotions. The hall on Piazza Lina Bo Bardi is busier than ever and the best students such as ArinaAyuGhimas, Priscilla Bellodi, Wenqian Tan, Qingyun Chen, Fabio Refosco, Zhenye Liu, Luca Daniele and AnzhelikaZodin, among many others, have the opportunity to present the collections they have been working on for the past few months.

The guests become witnesses to an epic journey that discovers the true selves of the students. A countless number of implications connected to both ethnicity and local customs, as well as classic traditions in different peoples. All this matches more than perfectly current fashion trends and fashionable renditions of customs and traditions that have long gone out of fashion, being now considered phenomena. Exceptional attention to detail and honour to men’s clothes borrowed in the ladies’ wardrobe, as well as incredible approach to materials. Professors and fashion designers alike are unanimous that everything lies in the sense of the fabric and the endless number of shapes that it could take.

Students alone are extremely grateful for the opportunity given. It is precisely because of this that they name the show “Under the Light”. Because what everyone in the fashion industry truly desires is to be noticed. To be under the spotlight. And Marangoni presents them with this exact opportunity. A lot of the students have already taken part into the prestigious Pitti Uomo, as well as many other exhibitions and shows. We could hardly take up the task of highlighting only one specific student that attracted our attention. But what we can easily confirm is that the world is becoming ever more intriguing about what comes next but at the same time maintains the good traditions of the past. And now… it’s time for our selection. And as we have mentioned a myriad of timesalready, when something is good, no words are necessary!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Vogue

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