The sight of a well-dressed man in the street is one of the most enjoyable things that could ever happen to us. The good news is that Bulgaria can already boast a decent number of men looking like they have just come out of a Vogue Uomo cover. We often turn around after them, at the very least because their fragrance is so enticing. They have gained considerable experience and inspiration from the wardrobes of Italian and French men and they have spent an extra minute on their outer appearance… and the results are truly impeccable. The whole year, however, the world of fashion seems to be keeping an eye on the smallest details about female bloggers, editors and models while in men’s fashion there is a whole other galaxy that represents a true symbol of personal style and taste. It’s as if a man with the perfect wardrobe impress us more than a woman. Or are we simply biased?

Men’s Fashion Week is a true phenomenon and Pitti Uomo makes Florence (which doesn’t need any additional help to take our breath away) even more beautiful in a way that only a gang led by Nick Wooster is able to do. Good men’s clothing exudes luxury, peacefulness, poise and comfort.

There’s no reasons for us to lie: it would be far more enjoyable to walk hand in hand with a man that we would turn around after. Or at least notice. We love quality men’s scarves, leather bags and glasses. Details paired with voice, hands and attitude. And the world seems to start turning at a different pace. Men with style are the best example of the fact that age is but a number. There is the feeling, the spirit, the attitude!

The truth is that whenever we speak about a man’s wardrobe, we always take everything with a pinch of salt. We want men to look manly. No need to go into extremes both in the outfit and the outer appearance. And no, no woman would ever fall in love with his sneakers, but yes, she will notice them. Going through our selection of best men’s looks from the year, gathered from many, many streets, we feel like there is definitely a lot to learn from men, even in terms of fashion. They are true kings of layering, they use accessories better than we do and they have mastered the art of sneakers. Not to mention that we would gladly steal a scarf, a sweater or a jacket. The whole 2018 they were doing trends amazingly, often seeing them through their own prism. Wool trousers, white sneakers, navy coats and splendid beige suits. And we promise to pay them more attention!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Vogue

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