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The key word for the warm spring season is lightness. In body and soul, in thoughts and clothes. We set our hands free from heavy bags and nonchalantly put on a belt bag around the waist. We add some fresh notes and a proper highlight to every outfit. We wear soft,airy, light dresses that we match with our favourite pairs of sneakers. We embark on long walks, wandering through narrow streets and enjoying the good weather that is just around the corner. We go out in the morning and we come back at night when the wind turns and it gets a little bit chillier, but still as freshly agreeable, gentle and spring-like. Right before we get goose pimples with the still-bearable cold, we reach out for our coats. And in case we have followed closely and precisely all the street style and catwalk trends during our favourite Fashion Weeks, which we have, then we will know that this year’s spring coats are irresistible. They are made of light, soft and comfortable materials, and they come in fresh colours that evoke spring. Spring is hiding behind the lining. It is now the most appropriate time not only for long walks, but also for experiments with any given outfit. If, in winter, we allowed ourselves to be submerged in the routine of the monotonous uniform and the cold weather, then spring is the moment to bring out the best of our wardrobes. And the transition between two seasons is an exceptionally conducive time for wearing all those clothes that we don’t know when to put on, while actually craving to show off with them. A good coat is a particularly wise investment, because it is the first thing that stands out about an outfit. The important thing here is to have healthy amounts of comfort, style, class and freshness. Also, this is not a one-season purchase. Paired with the right types of shoes and accessories, it could become our second skin. No matter how close spring is to summer, however, chilly evenings and unexpected rain are things that we need to protect ourselves from.

Inspired by our favourite streets of Paris and Milan, and also by fresh nuances, we drastically change our monochrome attitude to fashion in favour of more colour. We can easily wear something in bright red, recommended by Annakiki or, for more romantic girls, embroidered by Proenza Schouler. Our personal favourite remains the combination between the nightgown dress and the fluffy coat by Ermanno Scervino. A genuine rhapsody in white and a handbook in elegance! There is no way for us to skip the sexy suggestion by the relatively young brand Ricostru, which offers us a black spring coat with a provocative slit. The imagination can play with the translucence of the materials and the cutshapes. A micro trend that we also notice with Bottega Veneta, combining a body with a classic trench coat. Calvin Klein has a lot, but offers a more contemporary and casual rendition of the eternal rain coat, which is made of exceptionally light materials in fresh colours. The choice is vast and those of us who feel bolder can count on a combination of a longer coat and a pair of shoes. An outfit that is suitable for both busy days and long, exciting nights. Our selection includes examples that are appropriate for any taste, occasion and mood. From more glamorous designs like Annakiki to the graphic suggestions by A-Detacher, coats are a key ingredient to any good outfit. And, as much as we love our winter jackets, we can’t wait to replace them with something lighter!We present you the best of what we came across during all the Fashion Weeks. With a focus on some new and very exciting brands!


Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

Calvin Klein

A Detacher



Comme des Garc




Dries van Noten

Tory Burch

Proenza Schouler

Ermanno Scervino


Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Gioia

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