No matter how unwilling we are and regardless of the fact that we are in the heat of the summer, we still need to turn our eyes to the autumn. Or at least towards September and we wish for it to be a sunny and warm part of the summer, which was a little late this year. Fashion-wise speaking, it remains our favourite, because this is the time when the best and the most stylish combinations are born. We combine our favourite long dresses with fine knitwear, for example, or we allow ourselves to experiment a bit more. What could be better? We put on an oversized cashmere sweater over denim shorts or we simply practise the ever-so-popular layering, putting our coolest clothes one on top of the other. Then, the result is not only fresh, different and fashionable, but also certainly appropriate for the different and changeable weather in September.

This autumn will be the autumn of flowers. Yes, a trend that has for years refused to leave and we, frankly speaking, have no desire whatsoever to let it go. The designers who presented their Prefall collections painted the most romantic details with a new spirit, different techniques of illustration, and new colours. Gucci and Cavalli counted on flower motifs which look more like the ones that come out of biology books, while Michael Kors reminds us about the beauty of the rose. The flowers that we encountered with Etro are much more autumn-like and nostalgic compared to the incredible vintage patterns by Balenciaga, for instance. But there is no way for us not to fall in love with both… We are wearing flowers on dresses, suits, light coats, literally everywhere. We are going to look like princesses coming fresh out of secret gardens.

We admit that we did not expect this trend to continue developing for such a long time. Especially after having been an absolute hit for the past few seasons and refusing to step down from the catwalk. But we had a presentiment that flowers wouldn’t leave so soon, judging by the frenzy that has taken over the street style community. And as we have said many times so far, fashion is born in the street. We are pleased that trends return through the years, offering us a new rendition and a new look of something that we would otherwise even find boring at some point. And this is exactly the case here. But we have to admit that it is a very important highlight, too. This autumn’s flowers are much more different from the ones that we have been used to wearing up to now. At least if we are judging by Armani, Marni and Miu Miu, which regard flowers as a separate element, zoom them in to the maximum and create exceptional patterns that we would be happy to wear. Many of the suggestions that we came across even recognise patterns of different materials, skilfully combining velvet and satin, for example. Yes, a bold decision that could find its application on more formal and elegant outfits.

And now, we are leaving you in the middle of the summer with eyes turned towards the beautiful autumn that is awaiting us!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest, Vogue

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