There are two appropriate times in the year when we could wear a leather jacket: now and forever. It is a must in the wardrobe of every lady, as well as that of every gentleman – you could wear it all year round and the experiments with it never end, which is quite unfortunate for our wallets.

The leather jacket is totally worth the investment: it easily accompanies any style of clothing, it keeps you warm and adds that rock-chic look to your outfit. By and large, the leather jacket is absolutely universal! Apparently, it is not necessary for you to ride a motorcycle in order to have that special type of character or that particular style of clothing. The leather jacket matches everything, from denim to floral prints.

Here are several suggestions that we have prepared to make it easier for you when choosing clothes and accessories to pair with your precious jacket!

We start with something street-wise. Something quick, easy and comfortable: put on a checked shirt under the jacket and it’s up to you to decide how to wear it – knotted or just the usual way. Experiment! Add a pair of black boots, perhaps even studded for an extra rock feel.

It is also quite acceptable to match your leather jacket with a skirt – a mini or midi length in a bright or neutral colour – a combination which is suitable both for the spring and the autumn. Bring in a small clutch or an enormous oversized bag, according to your preference. And in order to go for an even wilder outfit, experiment with the materials – as a juxtaposition to the leather, you may put on some lace or a tulle skirt.

We are going to continue with a hint of male presence in the ladies’ wardrobe – camouflage. Quite an easy, we might say, but rather cool combination of leather and camouflage. All you need is a pair of trousers and a simple top while for the cherry on top, you may opt for a hat or a statement neckpiece.

Apart from camouflage, we could also borrow something else from the men’s wardrobe – boyfriend jeans. There is nothing easier than combining the leather jacket with denim, but in order to keep it versatile, we need some variety – mom jeans or boyfriend jeans – a little baggy here and there, a massive neckpiece, for example, and high heels, of course. And there you have it! For those of you who love comfort, we advise you to replace the heels with sneakers, but make sure they are cool enough to balance out this otherwise basic outfit. We also keep in mind a good solid pair of boots, of course – the perfect finishing touch to a great grunge outfit.

And for those of you who already find it quite warm outside, we strongly advise you to count on shorts. Everything is allowed from denim, to asymmetry, to all sorts of prints. Here, the height of the shoes could be as desired: platforms, ballerinas, boots, sneakers… the choice is entirely up to you!

It is the dresses’ turn! It is so cool that a leather jacket could be paired with both a mini or a maxi dress! For the ultimate summer experience, count on bright colours and floral prints. Optionally, you could add a delicate belt to highlight your waistline, or you may go for some large pieces of jewellery with a simpler, monochrome dress.

Another colourful highlight which is appropriate for the summer would be a pair of trousers. The combination of a top, leather jacket and colourful trousers is easy, it provides you with comfort and it could take either a sports or a formal turn. And for those of you who feel bolder, we suggest trying some statement trousers – the variety of prints is endless, and so is the feeling they give you.

Text: Milla Stoyanova

Phots: Pinterest

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