Talking about the autumn is definitely not our favourite topic, but midseason is inevitably sneaking around us – the windows and shelves of our favourite stores are already exhibiting the first autumn collections, the weather is not missing out on showing some temper and the mornings are chilly enough for us to put on something warmer, and even though we are still wearing sandals, little by little we start glancing at closed shoes that we are about to choose for the new season. There comes a time for change (of the wardrobe) and even though we are a little sad that the summer is over, we can’t not admit the fact that we are very excited. Particularly about the colours that are going to dominate this season. Because we are more than impatient, we have decided to present some of them to you right now. Some of them are new, others are well-known, yet others are absolute classics and all of them are really quite trendy. Yes, yes, we know that it is barely the beginning of September, but we believe that some new shades are a great and extremely easy way to refresh our wardrobe. And why not starting to wear them right now. Who knows, perhaps this way we might not pay attention to the transition between the seasons? Or at least it could go as smoothly as possible and with more anticipation…

Yellow, more unusual than ever

We will hardly surprise anyone by saying that yellow is yet for another year among the trending colours for the autumn. We have to make it clear, however, that we mean neither the classic lemon hue, nor the interesting turmeric and we are indeed quite far from that characteristic mustard colour. This year, we are going to wear butter, well, at least butter yellow. You remember, right? That somewhat soft, light pastel shade that is difficult to describe, but so easy to recognise. It is exactly this colour that is so trendy right now! ‘Butter’ comes as a stylish alternative to the subdued brown and beige nuances which were popular previous years. And guess what! The pale-yellow hue has all the chances of becoming a favourite. Will it succeed? Perhaps yes as long as we give it a go!

 Purple: between lilac and indigo

We have to admit that purple is definitely playing that “He loves me… he loves me not” game with the fashion world. Or to put it in other words, while some worship it, others not only avoid it deliberately, but even criticise it. A lot. Fortunately, however, 2019 offered us an intriguing purple spectrum that varies from sift lilac to intense indigo, and thanks to that diverse colour palette, purple could be worn by anyone as long as they find the right shade for themselves. The hues appropriate for this autumn, unlike the spring when they were bright, are now expectedly darker and more dramatic, but still quite noticeable. What should we combine purple with? We expect you to ask us this question, so we are going to answer it. Purple is self-sufficient – you cannot go wrong if you combine 2 or 3 (but don’t go crazy) nuances, especially a darker and a lighter one. Make sure, however, that they aren’t too different from each other, materials also matter, and please remember about the level of refinement, which we have already told you about.

Bonus tip. In the upcoming cooler months, you might want to try introducing some purple shades in your make-up, too, without overdoing it, of course. This colour could highlight your eyes dramatically, but it could also make you look tired if you don’t wear it the right way. Eye shadows and/or eye liner are a good start to experimenting. Purple mascara is definitely not welcome to the party and, as far as purple lipstick is concerned, well…, it tends to be a don’t, but it depends tremendously on its shade and the complexion of the person that wears it.

Green, more saturated than usually

Diverse and particularly attractive – this is how we can describe the shades of green in the autumn-winter palette. Even though we sometimes encounter lighter and brighter hues of green, the darker and more saturated nuances are the embodiment of colder seasons, and it is namely these that we recommend wearing more. By definition, green brings about a waft of fresh air and a pinch of uniqueness, and what is even better is that its saturated shades allow for a generous doze of colour play. Green trousers and an orange sweater, a green shirt with bright-pink trousers, green bag and/or shoes with an intense-blue dress… why not? Block your colours and make yourself happy, the time is just about right!

Orange… like a pumpkin

The orange colour is undoubtedly one of the symbols of the autumn. The pumpkin, too. Here is why the combination of the two is a great way for you to introduce the classic autumn palette into your wardrobe. Even before autumn has officially arrived. The pumpkin brings about a lot of warmth both metaphorically and literally, especially if you opt for a coat or a sweater. Naturally, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to these – you may easily wear this peculiar shade from head to toe, just make sure that your accessories are in a different colour.

And this is just the beginning. What else the new season is going to offer, we are about to find out very soon. We are firmly convinced that the autumn will be colourful and inspirational, it simply has no other choice. We are so excited, and definitely for a reason…

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Pinterest

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