Anna Dello Russo long ago entered her name with big bold letters in the history of fashion as one of the wildest editors this world has known. She is the first lady in the first lines of every significant fashion event. She looks like a living work of art and easily focuses everyone’s eyes on herself, wherever she appears.

She is approaching her golden 60s, but without any excessive shyness, she demonstrates her slender legs. No piece of clothing is too short, too see-through or too colourful for her. Bright and sometimes even dazzling shades are her best friends and her trademark. As are also her fascinating hats. She owns a stunning collection of the latter and it could make a number of museums reasonably jealous.

Once she has worn a garment, she never puts it back on for the second time. Wearing evening dresses early in the morning has become her favourite cardio. Which in no way prevents her from going jogging in the afternoon, ready to run for a bit, dressed in a Dolce & Gabbana suit.

Anna is a part of the club of the chosen ones. She can afford to walk around in unique pieces from the latest collections of the most famous designers only a week after they were shown on the catwalk during one of the fashion weeks.

The opposite is also true – she is the person who can shoot anyone to the tops of this business. Miss Dello Russo is one of the most serious influencers and easily manages to transform a vaguely familiar brand into the next big thing, which everyone will be talking about. It is enough for her to wear the clothes in question just once, or write a few lines on her blog, and it’s done.

It is a pleasure for us to look at Anna Dello Russo before or after a big event. While the majority of people are wondering how to pose, trying to demonstrate supposedly easy behaviour, or are showing off too much, the fashion hurricane Anna is laughing, gesturing, communicating with finesse, and it is so helluva obvious how she feels herself so pleasantly at home.

Some women are born to become icons. And this is one of them.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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