The summer is a time to play. Love games and fashion games! We shorten dramatically the length of our favourite jeans or trousers that we have been wearing all winter. Warm weather is the best friend of our short trousers or, as we call them shortly, shorts. There is hardly any other item of clothing that is more comfortable and universal for the heat. In a combination with a nice shirt, for instance, you may even show up at the office dressed like this. Everything, of course, is a matter of moderation and taste. After all, we need to mind our lengths and not go to extremes! We have long forgotten that extremely short design that was ruling over fashion trends for years. We reckon that shorts could be elegant and sexy without being vulgar or too exposing. The best match remains a pair of fit sun-kissed legs.

Short trousers are a wonderful foundation for every outfit. They might act as a savior under that dress which you consider too short. Or for an oversized shirt which is not long enough. It would be quite difficult for us to start our summer wardrobe without them! We wear all sorts of colours and we stick to natural materials such as cotton and linen. And denim shorts are an absolute must-have, having long become a classic. There is probably no other combination which is as timeless and hot as denim shorts, a white T-shirt and bare feet. This is one of those clothes which we could easily encounter in urban setting. The favourite highlight of all girls from Milan to Paris. And for a reason! Apart from being timeless, they also save us from the heat. With the right pair, you could go to a party and literally steal the show. There is no reason for us to hide that we are also fans of sequin designs. There is something very elegant, disco and cool about them all at the same time.

We could easily write a whole manifesto about the role or short trousers in fashion. They are present so much in the cinema, social media and leisure time of our favourite celebrities, that we are sometimes wondering how we manage to survive a whole winter without them. This summer we wish to see more and prettier combinations which maintain good manners and do not cross by any means the line with the excessive. After all, the most interesting outfit is always the one that leaves more for the imagination.

In our favourite fashion capitals, It-girls have placed shorts on a pedestal. They pair them with high heels, sneakers and sandals. They successfully manage to transfer them to the corporate uniform with a shirt and a blazer, for example. We decided to make a selection of the best examples from street style that we came across. These outfits are perfectly sufficient for several summers ahead! And we wish you a lot of inspiration and warm days.

Text: Thea Nikolaeva

Photos: Pinterest

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