Italian fashion house PRADA showed yet another collection worthy of any self-respecting man and, apparently, worthy of applause during the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, just days ago. The Fall/Winter 2020 collection was presented on 12th January. The advertising campaign for the designs that gentlemen are going to wear for Spring/Summer 2020 is already a fact, too. Ahead lies a year in which classics meet surrealism, while optimism and musical rhythm are conquering our hearts.


Contradictions, juxtapositions, stories from the future and modernism – the Fall/Winter 2020 PRADA collection showed us a different rendition of traditions, of the known and of nature, transforming classics into fantasy. Paradoxes merge.

Technologies today are going to become a thing of the past tomorrow because the present keeps creating future past. Perspective and context are merely tools in the transformation that is about to compare, rearrange and juxtapose. Expressing the idea that the unknown is somewhere between the beginning and the end, traditional materials are combined with innovative ones, fruit of technologies, recycled fabrics and dyed in colours. New textures are being built, a whole new world is being built.

On fashion and the Trojan Horse

On the other hand, technologies might be seen as tools of destruction, of surprise, or of classicism used as the Trojan Horse: the designs represent traditions gone by, but their essence is misleading, like cashmere knitwear with stretchable strings that allows for elasticity and fits perfectly on the body. The silhouettes in the collection are looking for their place between the rational and what goes beyond all borders as each one of them challenges, gets weaker or ultimately magnifies our prosaic idea of men’s strength.

The men modelling for PRADA have come into a bright environment which is unreal and whose nature is extraordinary. The whole décor during the show in Milan was focused on the Trojan Horse located in the middle of the catwalk. Surrealism meets fashion.

Looking for identity with PRADA SPRING/SUMMER 2020

Defining who we are has recently started seeming an aim too ambitious at first glance, but PRADA often loves showing us quite the opposite. Constant elaboration is a key element of perfect execution. Through music, in film or on stage, creative artists connect with us and rearrange our perceptions, they set new frames of identity and personal achievements. In order to recreate this connection in real life, PRADA’s men’s collection for spring/summer 2020 was presented in an advertising campaign starring a trio of creative contemporary figures who carry in themselves the meaning of the future: musician Frank Ocean, actor Austin Butler, and Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn. Each of them personifies the different identities of PRADA’s men.

 Definitions and interpretations

All three new faces of PRADA are figures whose creativity is constantly changing and evolving. They are pioneers, creators of imaginary worlds looking to get to know their own emotions. David Sims has taken care of the photographs and they were shot in Los Angeles. In spite of this fact, the exact location remains hidden – it could have been anywhere and at any time. The images show the characters in new roles, in different poses, and in varied mindset. Music and film connect them, allowing them to communicate beyond language, even though each of these men uses words in their lyrics or screenplay. And for this reason, it is exactly words that we find on the pictures.

In effect, the spring/summer 2020 collection was first shown in June 2019 in Shanghai. The Chinese city was chosen as the symbol of a modernistic and optimistic version of the future as this particular future has now been achieved. Fashion, music, and film – PRADA always focuses its gaze ahead, they recreate and send different messages. In their new collection, positivism, confidence, and opportunities have been personified. Just like words, they appear as part of the definition of PRADA, which remains open to interpretation.

Text: ZhanaMiteva

Photos: PRADA Press Office

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