The ending of every year is a particularly exciting moment, not just because of all the conclusions and resolutions that we make, but also for the announcement of the latest trends that are going to take over the new year. One of the most eagerly expected events in the fashion and designer world is the announcement of the colour of the year by the Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone has been selecting the colour of the year for more than two decades now. Experts with in-depth knowledge about colours and their nuances share that every year the colour is selected after a long and thoughtful process involving the trends in the lifestyle and the industry. They take all these things into consideration: upcoming film premieres, social, economic and political conditions, attractive destinations, and new technologies… basically everything.

The colour of 2020 will be… Classic Blue corresponding to number 19-4052.

Perhaps a lot of people will think, “The colour is not so revolutionary!”, and many will probably compare it to cobalt or royal blue. And in fact, they will be right – the colour is far from revolutionary, but we shouldn’t be misled by the word classic, because behind this particular blue shade there lies more potential than we might expect. The colour of 2020 is not light, airy or subdued, but rather it has a specific type of depth and pronounced stability, which we need so much at times of instability.

The shade reminds us strongly of the infinite sky at night and provokes us to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. To send our gaze beyond the obvious, to give freedom to our dreams and to think deeper, broadening our perspective. Classic Blue brings about reassurance and self-confidence, it gives a sense of stability, but it also hints at the climate crisis that the world is facing. As we have already mentioned, a colour with potential. In every shape and in every dimension.

It is a curious fact that this is not the first time when a blue shade has been chosen as the colour of the year. We remind you that in 2016 there were two colours of the year, one of which was a shade of blue called Serenity. Blue Iris was the colour of 2008 and Blue Turquoise – the colour of 2005. This repetition should not surprise us at all. Blue in all its shades and hues is probably one of the most popular trends to wear after the classic duo black and white.

One of the main questions immediately after the launch of the colour of the year was, “How and what to combine it with?” We must admit that thanks to the fact that Classic Blue is a very stylish and at the same time very simple colour, it matches easily with everything. It will skilfully fit into your office style by replacing that sometimes slightly boring black. It won’t mind dominating over your accessories and on top of all this, it goes together well with almost any colour starting from the lighter white and beige and getting even too pretentious brown and red. A colour to dream about!

If you want to start wearing Classic Blue right away, then it would be a good idea to count on a coat in that colour. On a sweater, too. The eternal classic, monochrome look, i.e. one colour from head to toe, is also a good option because the colour is not too bright and allows you to submerge yourself in it. We have already mentioned accessories – they rewrite the rules of the game and are more than compulsory. What else? Well, whatever you feel like! The colour is particularly inspirational and 2020 gives us full 366 opportunities to experiment! It only seems natural for us to make use of them…

Text: Annie Georgieva

Photos: Pinterest, Pantone

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