We are going back to a time which raises freedom in a cult. The term ‘bohemian’ was first used at the beginning of the 19th century. It was probably used to refer to representatives of particular social groups, coming from the region of Bohemia in the present-day Czech Republic – the ones who are, to a certain extent, known to be the predecessors of hippies.

Bohemianism is connected to a particular way of life which was widespread amongst the poor intelligentsia. Artists, actors and musicians with a different set of ideas for their own time… And we, today, in the summer of 2018, are trying to revive some old fashion phenomena. We raise freedom in a cult – the freedom of expression, of being ourselves and free in our moves. Starting off from the road of the bohemians and reaching to this present day, we are still interested in fashion themes from a few decades ago. That’s why we have selected a number of street style finds which can help you get closer to all this bohemian philosophy that we were talking about. We are wearing our hair down and absolutely natural, we adorn it with scarves, flowers, hairpins and diadems, or we simply let it look as if it has just come out of the sea…

Our coats could be seen from kilometres away, they are colourful and have fringes on them… They match the compulsory short trousers in the best possible way, and to complete the look, we put on a pair of flat sandals or boots. Everything that has a flower pattern on it is an absolute success. Long dresses and jumpsuits, combined with straw hats. There is one especially romantic note that is in the heart of the boho-chic style and we are exceptionally keen on it! Boho girls are united by the fact that they all look stunningly fresh while it seems like they have put minimum effort into doing it! Well, this is not exactly right, but the point here is to create an outfit that looks both ultimately nonchalant and incomparably comfortable. As though you haven’t thought about it for even a split second! Jewellery pieces are also key accessories. The bigger, the better!

The materials that all self-respecting boho girls stick to are lace, silk and linen. The boho style is pleased to welcome all types of lengths and gladly accepts more eccentric renditions and suggestions. If you feel like wearing a hat, a dress, a shirt, a kimono and a pair of boots together, now is the time! And the summer is conducive to a specific type of nonchalance that we are so fond of! There is an infinite number of our favourite Instagram girls who take their photos wearing see-through lace dresses on the background of some of the most beautiful sunsets. And they are wearing white with such grace! There is definitely what to learn from them. The most important lesson, however, remains outside the realm of clothing. Boho-chic is a matter of sensation! A state of mind, a type of behavior… We are getting recharged with the all the peace and quiet there is in the world and we forget for a moment about high-heeled shoes, tight clothes and nervousness. It is time for us to feel good in our own skin, for our peacefulness to be seen in our clothes! Come on, bohemian girls, this summer belongs to you!

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest

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