The summer is slowly transitioning towards a more melancholic phase, but one that is exceptionally rich in fashion events. September is the time when we all come back to the city after a long summer of wandering here and there, and we start paying more attention to our outfits. A time when we put the summer clothes a little bit further back into the wardrobe, although not quite so, because they still invite us to try different combinations, new ways of mixing summer and winter clothes, as well as to completely trust our ever-more vivid imagination. We decide to go for a long and exciting summer walk through fashion capitals around the world and to take a look at men’s fashion. This is the place where we could always return after having exhausted all the ideas from our women’s wardrobe. We have always said that men’s style is quite inspirational, and should the truth be told, we would steal entire outfits. The elements that men combine skilfully in their exceptionally elegant outfits could easily serve us, women, too. Well-dressed gentlemen are quite capable of teaching us those so-popular clean silhouettes and the combination of otherwise seemingly incompatible accessories.

It is time for us to ‘please the eye’ with the ever-growing number of well-dressed men even at our latitudes. A white T-shirt, denim, and a stylish light coat or a heavier one (which would be suitable for the cooler days of November, for example) are enough for a stylish outfit for a man to spend a day in the office, go to a party, or take us for dinner.

Yes, we are undoubted fans and true admirers of Italian men’s fashion, because they are able to dress like nobody else does, and there is no reason for us to hide this. They have always known which the exactly appropriate colour highlight is, how to combine the best colours, and they have never been ashamed of wearing white trousers and pink shirts. It is precisely them who can give us the necessary courage that we need in times when we want to experiment and try something different and more extraordinary.

And, if this winter there are rules in men’s fashion, they are quite simple. Do not be afraid! Wear a suit with a leather jacket or a coat, elegant shirts with beautiful denim trousers, sneakers or moccasins. And remember: today, more than ever, layering is the best decision for cooler days. This approach always gives us this rather Alpine and French touch that we have strived so badly to achieve! To sum up briefly: the autumn belongs to bold men! Just like the winter, or any other season, for that matter… And wear your beautiful clothes today for us, women. We appreciate it. And we are very excited about it.

Text: Thea Nikolova

Photos: Pinterest

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